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Retriever Puppies

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Yeah, ok...so this is definitely NOT about cats

My nephews pure bred Golden Retriever female is being bred with a pure male- so far no luck. When the timing is right and she does conceive we want to get one of the female pups.

Does anyone out there have a Retriever that they got as a puppy? I'm doing lots of research, but its always nice to hear real life stories from the owners themselves. I need to know what to expect, basically. The mom and dad are both very mild mannered and well behaved so I'm hoping the pups will be the same :tounge2:

Anyways- any stories or advice are welcome. Thanks
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Well I am not a Golden owner nor have I ever owned one but from experience in dealing with them and my knowledge of the breed I know quite a bit about them.

First I would make sure that both the parent's hips have been checked and certified at least good. Hip dysplasia is a cripling disease that only worsens with age and Goldens are VERY prone it it. I have a Lab with severe hip dysplasia and it is something that is very painfully to me as a owner to see my 6 year old girl hobble around like she's 12 all because it hurts her to walk.

With that aside Goldens can be a lot of fun. They are very intelligent and are easily trained(Most of the time.). Although the parents may be mild mannered you may get a high enegery Golden or the pup may just be energetic while it's young so be prepared for lots of exercise and mind working activities.

They also need to be combed a lot to prevent mats from forming and it will help to cut back on shedding. Also if you get a water loving Golden(Yes there are Goldens that will not set foot in water) be prepared to clean out his ears after a dip as Goldens can be prone to ear infections.

As with any breed they have their share of health problems and skin allergies are one of them. They tend to get a lot of hot spots and several Goldens I know have to be kept on special diets because their allergic to almost every thing.

Goldens are a TON of fun and need a lot of attention. Anyone I know who owns a Golden has a fun loving additude and I guess you'd have to, to own one. Let us know if and when you'll be getting a puppy! Good luck!
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I used to have a Lab puppy way back so I know all about high energy puppies! :laughing2

I'm going to speak to my nephew about the hip dysplasia. He will have all the details on the parents I would imagine.

I just love the idea of having a big snuggly dog and Goldens seem to have enormous intelligence. Living in Nova Scotia means lots of water nearby, so I'm hoping my pup will like the water The mom, Babe goes on trips to the lake and the beach often and its hard to get her out of the water when its time to leave

Thanks so much for the info :rainbow:
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I have a Golden Retriever. I did not get him as a Puppy though, he was Picked up as a stray 2 years ago, and he is such a big sweetheart! They aren't good house protectors though! But they are the Best companians. They demand attention alot! Good luck with the Puppies!
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I also Forgot to mention they are wonderful with Cats!
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Well thats definitely a plus!! :rainbow:
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