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Question on catnip****

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This may be a bit of a dumb question but here goes. I just bought 2 cat beds today. The beds have a zippered opening underneath it where I place a pouch of cat nip that came with the bed for that purpose. So my kittys always get the scent of the catnip. My one cat Hobbs really loves it so far and has been playing and sleeping in it for a few hours already. If he sleeps in it, can the constant exposure to the catnip under his bed harm him in any way? Thanks.
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umm no they cant od on catnip they mey get tired of it rather quick///
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I've never heard of catnip harming a cat... but like sharky said... they do get tired of it.
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If you give them to much at one time, they can become aggressive though. overstimulation
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If your kitty has not shown signs of aggression after napping on a catnip mat or bed, I wouldn't worry about it, it won't harm them.

I find my cats will nap even on the cardboard insert that fits in their turboscratcher
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You know what I don't think we have ANY cat nip or cat nip products in our house currently - who woulda thunk it? We sell cheap cat toys at work!
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thanks for the responses..my cat has not been aggressive after sleeping in his bed, but the second day he had it, he used it for his litter box, dont ask me why..i washed it, went lighter on the catnip, and he has slept in it, without messing in it again
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