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whats your style??

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anybody else like to decorate your home? i love it. anybody into the whole shabby chic theme? i've seen some really beautiful chandeliers painted white with lots of prisms on ebay and they are sooo pretty. BUT i prefer a more elegant victorian decor. i've come a long way in a years time. i have champaigne taste on a beer budget. whats your style???
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Our house is mix and match everywhere!!!!!! We like contemporary, victorian, country, antique.

It all depends on the room, and of course my mood!!!!!!!!!!! We live on the ocean, so its pretty casual around here!!!!!!!!!!
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I have lots of great ideas, but living in an apartment tends to quash most of those. I can't paint or wallpaper, no place to "re-create" flea market and garage sale finds, and the colors are already pre-determined. I always laugh when I watch those "Small Spaces" shows where they re-do the apartments and condos with bright colors and all. Those people can't be renting!!

Like 7cozycats, I also have champagne taste on a beer budget. The good thing is that I'm back up to a beer budget from a tap water budget! So maybe I can start trying to do something within the limits.

I really love the Victorian style, but I also like some of the modern styles.

Does anyone else like Christopher Lowell?? There are some of his ideas that are pretty cheap and look fabulous that I would love to try!
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Well... I have beer taste on a champaigne budget.... or at least a fine wine budget. :LOL: I am SO not into decorating. We've got one painting on the wall in the living room. The rest of it is bare white walls, except for the kitty calendar on the wall over here by the computer. I've done marginally better in the bedroom ~ I had a bookshelf put in that goes all the way around the bedroom. It's a really interesting look... but I need more shelves! I'm thinking about having the same guy come in and put some shelves up in the living room, but I've got vaulted ceilings (or whatever they're called ~ I'm such an idiot when it comes to things like this!) and I don't know how to do it to make it look good.

I've watched Christopher Lowell (my sister LOVES his show) but I'm just not creative AT ALL.

valanhb, maybe you can run over here and HELP ME!!!
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in the past 7 years we have lived in two different places. we still rent. both landlords have been great on painting. where i live now, my living room and kitchen are a buttery yellow. my living room was a hunter green color. it was too dark and gloomy. so we repainted. it's so cheerful now. i have alot of burgundy colors in there and it looks so good against the yellow. my daughters room is a soft lavender. i do not have the patience for wallpaper.
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I think ours is considered contemporary/modern, but not sure??

Our living room (or family room.....whichever you call it) has black leather furniture, grey carpet, oak entertainment center w/ big screen tv & the black dvd player and such. We have a giant oak frame with a painted picture of the ocean. Our dining room has grey carpet, and black table w/ black chairs (the fabric is an off-white w/ different colors mixed in) and a black/silver ceiling fan. Oh, and can't forget the big cat tree Our kitchen has white tile w/ grey grout. The countertop has blacks and whites mixed in; the cabinets are maple. All of the appliances are white, and the stove is a smooth top that has greys & blacks.

Our bedroom has off-white cellular blinds; I have purple & grey stuff in the bathroom. And the comforter has purples on one side, and the other side has light greys, light purples w/ a few flowers that have teal. I want to get rid of the purple and go with something more geometric style. JC Penny's has some nice stuff in their catalogs! The furniture doesn't match because we can't afford to get new stuff right now.

The other bedrooms....... mixed & matched! The carpet throught the house is all grey......
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As long as I have a place for my lava lamp collection, I' good. Oh, yeah, and the Betty Boop collection, and the Elvis collection, and all the other crap I've collected in moving all over the place over the years.
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I think they call it "ecclectic" which as far as I can tell means I buy what I like in no particular style. I prefer more modern over Victorian styles, clean lines over curlicues. I also prefer hard floors (wood, tile, even brick or stone) over wall-to-wall, though I would use area rugs. I have called my look "urban primitive" because I like interesting objets d'art which usually means things with an Asian or native influence, but not esp. tropical.

I do usually hang art on the wall, but I haven't found most of my stuff yet to do that. I have 13 cartons of books in storage, not counting loose ones that got packed into other boxes, so major shelving is always an issue for me! Most of the time they just don't get unpacked because I've no place to put them. My taste runs to grays - purples - blues, but when I was married we did more browns - greens -neutrals so that's what I have. I'm going to change the bedroom pretty quickly tho', that's mostly just comforter and curtains anyway. I like blue and yellow in the kitchen, but it's a very small apartment kitchen so I'm stuck with their choices. I like watery colors in the bathroom tho' I think the beach and ocean themed accessories has become cliche. My daughter wants a pink and purple bedroom, so that will be done with bedding and curtains. I try to keep her furniture white because that way she can keep it for years.

I used to watch Christopher Lowell, but not so much any more. I also used to watch, I think it's called Men in Toolbelts now, but it was called The Furniture Guys back them. Their names were Ed and Joe and they used to refinish furntiure. They were very entertaining.
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Has anyone read the book "The Power of Color"? It is interesting for decorating rooms according to their use. According to it, red hues are not good for bedrooms and blue/green combinations are good for stimulating creativity, just to name a few. I'm not sure it works, but it was interesting.
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Mine is eclectic: whatever I like. Right now, we have Bill's Southwestern sofa. Being born and raised, here, I hate Southwestern. Too touristy. I have a comfy, overstuffed, purple sofa on layaway, right now. It will go, nicely, with Bill's mauve LaZBoy. My knickknacks are a mixture of cats, Dalmatians, shoe figurines and stuffed animals. I, also, have a life-sized cardboard cutout, of Mae West, in my living room. For pictures: family, cats and Mae West movie stills and publicity photos. Its a mishmash but its comfortable and individual.
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I'm not sure what you would call the way I have decorated my home....

it is very "country" like, and very down to earth, I have many plants in every room, which gives it an "earthy" feel...

The colors are mostly mauve and country blue (the carpet and drapes are sort of a grey blue) and I have an oak coffee table/end table set with glass on top, and the dining room set is a distressed cherry. (it was my mothers) and a large overstuffed couch that is black with mauve and blue in it, it is sort of a velvety texture, and a big lazy boy in country blue. The TV is an oak console.

The kitchen is done in mauve/country blue as well, with a heart theme. The border has hearts on it. So do the curtains and such.

My mother was an artist, so I have many of her paintings on the walls...she did landscapes, barns, etc.

And of course my large collection of Boyd's Bears figurines is all over the place, on shelves, in curio cabinets, on the hutch, etc.
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Well, I don't think I have a style, perse. I am just happy to be out of the renting gimic so that I could finally get away from bare white walls. I did each rrom of my house from a different color on a "southwest" palette. I di have a thing for the color hunter green, so I have lots of that color around.

I have zero natural decorating abiltiy, so I was lucky to get this far. I would so totally love to repaint my disgusting kitchen cabinets, since replacement is sometime in the far and distant future, but I can't decide on a good color.

P.S. Daniela: If you mention that you live on the ocean in Cape Cod one more time, I may have to committ suicide out of sheer jealousy!
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We live in a log home that we built, so I guess our theme is country casual if there is such a thing. I always wanted a 'cow kitchen' but that got poo-poo'd so out of spite I am going to make it into a 'cat kitchen'......evil grins and snickers here!

Green and earth tone colors and plants and baskets that I get at tag sales,CATS EVERYWHERE and a beautiful view of the Vt mountains complete the scenerio - and I'm with you Deb25...let's go get Daniela living on the ocean and all........
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Ok, Ok, I won't mention where I live anymore. I promise.
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I don't really have a theme yet for my condo. We just moved in in December. We are kind of in to the "cheetah" patterns. We have a black kinda velvet like couch and we have cheetah pillows along with the black pillows and the couch. We also have cheetah rugs and our bed sheets and pillows are cheetah print. In the bathroom we have black rugs and a gold and black shower curtain. As soon as we have the money, we are going to redecorate our condo and have more of a modern look.
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What's wrong with cheetah decor? Or, for that matter, tiger, leopard, lion, etc.?
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I guess I like traditional best. I can't afford to do anything right now, so I watch Trading Spaces. I wouldn't trust any one with my house except for Verne. I would stand at the door with a shotgun if Doug came anywhere near my furniture or fireplace... Frank is a doll, but his style is a bit too crafty for me. I love the program. Anyone else?
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I like the victorian style of house, that would be my dream house anyway. Right now I am renting so there is basically no style except put it where it fits. Someday when I have my own house.... well who knows... my taste may change by then.
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Hey Jeanie, I watch Trading Spaces a lot!!!!!!! I don't like Doug at all, did you see the one where he tried to make a "movie theatre" set up???????? OMG, it was awful. I would have cried if it was my house!!!!!!
I do like Verne, and I like Genevieve and Lori too. They all have tastes like mine. I cannot stand Hildy, her style is a bit too far out for me. And she always paints on the wood floors which drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! I'd die if someone touched my hardwood floors!!!!!!!!
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I saw the "movie theater" episode. "Well, we used to have a family room, but this guy named Doug wanted a theater....the kids? Well, I guess they can sit on the steps...AAAARGH!!!!"
I hate to see anyone paint beautifully grained wood. Can you imagine how you'd feel if someone painted your beautiful Cherry dining room or, heaven forbid, a Steinway piano? And painting hardwood floors is ridiculous. Why pay for oak flooring? Just put down some plywood and slop some paint on it! People cry, but Doug says, "If we give the owners what they want, why am I here?" He's such a jerk.
Lorie does well, but have you noticed that she flirts with the husbands and the camera constantly? She asked a husband to help her get off a bed the other day. She's quite tall, so her feet were touching the floor already. "Oh, poor little me... good gracious, Miss Scarlet! Let me at that brand new ceiling fan!"
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Deb M., I am jealous! I LOVE log homes!!
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Jeanie, hahahahaaaa, you are so funny!!!!!!!!! Lorie does flirt w/ the camera and the hubby's, you are so right!!!! And Doug is a big jerk, that is why I'd never apply for the show....I'd get him for my luck, and I'd end up being so pissed off!!!

Verne is definitly the best, my husband thinks so too!!!!!! I'd be easy going, but don't touch my hardwood floors!!!!!!!!!! Or else!!
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Jeanie, Dtolle!!!! You are sooo funny!! But I do the same!! When I see someone heading towards beautiful natural wood with a paintbrush I start yelling!!! Hahahahah!!! DON'T DOOOO ITTTTTT!!! hahahaha :LOL:
I LOVE decorating and I like alot of traditional designs - but with some modern stuff thrown in, I like the look of them together. I hat it though when these "design" people (in the show) go into a home and do every wall a different colour!! UGH!! Like the other day, this lady wanted her kitchen done, ... what did they do?? Gave her yellow walls.... hmmmm.. ok..... then, LIME GREEN painted doors/cupboards.... THEN put a massive great bright PINK painted frame arouns all the windows!!!! BLEAH!!!! It looked like a darn dolls house!! (a bad one at that!! hahah) :LOL:
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If anyone would like to see Doug from Trading Spaces do the infamous theater/family room, it's being repeated tonight on TLC, 8:00, 9:00 EST. There are two programs tonight and I think the repeat is on first at 8:00, but I'm not sure. It could be the second show at 9:00 EST
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Yep, the repeat of Doug's famous theatre room is on tonight at 8pm on TLC..............I am watching it just so I can gag again!!!

The one at 9 is supposed to be an all new episode. I can't wait, I love that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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