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Stress reduction

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Our senior cat has been having accidents lately. We have taken him to a vet and the vet tested his blood and urine and believes his problem to be stress related. We have been cleaning up after him with Nature's Miracle, and although he always has the accidents in the same room it is never in the exact same spot.

The probelm seemed to start around the time my father became ill over a month ago. Now the entire routine of the family has changed. My parents are home all day since my father is on sick leave until he is well enough to go back to work. I find it odd that our cat has has this reaction since my father is not his favorite person.

Are there any ways to reduce the amount of stress on the cat?
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keep the enviornment as positive as possible .. cats can sense your pain , sorrow etc..
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And make sure kity is getting the same amount of attention....if he doesn't like your father, perhaps he is thinking you are giving too much attention to your father and not him?
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My vet always suggests Feliway to help with stress. Soothing music? Do project soothing thoughts. Good luck!
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