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Originally Posted by valanhb
Quite frankly it grosses me out more to share food with a slobbery toddler than with the family cat or dog - but that's because the kid isn't mine.
Exactly! People get grossed out when you share with a cat or dog, yet they share with a slobbery baby! Sorry, but I don't see a big difference! I had to train Lily out of drive by munchings because dad would get madder than all heck whne he tried to take a bite of his sandwich & the meat was gone! She is a speedy little devil, too!

The dogs never use the same plates as people, but the cats occaisonally do. They get soaked in hot soapy water, hand washed, then run throught the dishwasher. That is how I wash the cat bowls, too. I like to make sure they are super clean!
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i dont give kallie people food....but sometimes my finace will sneak her milk from his cereal bowl..i would also share a bit of ice cream with her. it doesnt gross me out
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they dont eat of my plate but we use the same plates.

its not like we never wash the crockery in our house! if you wash it afterwards i dont see the problem.

besides, the cat sleeps on my face, i think i have all the germs i'm going to catch already!
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Lily doesn't eat people food, but we have put her cat food in people dishes before. I figure the dishwasher's going to get them plenty clean! I used to let Princess lick my plates all the time.
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Sash certainly can eat off my plate if he wants to, I have no problem with that. He usually just likes to share with me if it's something sweet. Now, my bf Will doesn't quite feel the same way. He won't share the same plate with Sash. But, I have no problem with it. My boy is such a clean boy and he can eat off any dish I use too!
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My cats mostly have their own dishes, however most of them were really made for people, such as corelle or pyrex bowls that we use. In a pinch, we give them food off of people plates. The dishes go in the dishwasher with our dishes, plus we used to wash them in the sink with ours. They aren't supposed to eat human food, but we do have some sneaks. It doesn't really bother me. My mom used to let the dog lick the plates after a beef dinner, but she wouldn't do it in front of guests. It also used to creep guests out when he used to go over to the dirty forks that were in the (open) dishwasher, and lick them.
My friend's mom apparently had a major complex with this, and I had no idea. They have a cat. Anyway, they were having a tag sale, and a guy walked by that was walking his dog. He stopped to chat as he knew my friend. The dog was panting and I thought I would give the dog some water, and grabbed a plastic bowl.. My friend said his mom woudn't be too happy if she found out!
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Both our dogs and cats use the same plates and bowls. We do have bowls just for them but, all treat foods go on the people dishes! LOL As we get kisses from both the dogs and cats, I see no problem with it.

The subject reminds me of a story I read once, I think it was a letter to Dear Abby or Ann Landers, anyway...

These neighbors always came over and invited themselves to dinner. Every night they would show up at dinner time and sit down. The home owners were besides them selves as they didn't want to be rude, and yet they wanted their family dinner time back. One night the lady of the house had a brillient idea! Right after dinner she placed their dishes on the floor and allowed the dogs to lick them clean. She then took the "clean" dishes and placed them in the cupboard. The neighbors never returned and family time was saved. She did say she went and washed all the dishes in the cupboard after the "guests" left. LOL
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