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to all those SOS posts Debra did to figure out how to get this feral to trust her. I only have one thing left to say:

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I'm seeing double! LOL
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That's ok - I sure don't mind looking at those little ones more than once!!

Oh they are just cute as buttons!! I would have to make a grab for one too Hissy! Goldie is a very pretty cat, too. I'm glad you gave us a pic of mama. I don't know how you are going to be able to let those babies go - even to a good home. I'm sure that is the hardest part for you with the feral rescues.
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Thanks Hissy - but I could not have done it wihtout YOUR help and encouragement. At times I thought I would NEVER get Goldie to trust me at all! Now look at the wonderful rewards. I thought tonight that in exactly 1 year, I have had 15 kittens from her to find homes for! WOW = that is a lot of fur babes and some with special needs, due to respitory issues. But they all have good homes and I get to visit some of them now and then. I like to think that they remember me!?! Today - the 15th was the date of her first litter one year ago. Smudgie and Rip have had special treats today - they are 1 yr old!
It was very scary for me to try and work with Goldie - now I am so thankful that I have had this chance.

We had a visitor last weekend - a beautiful 5 month old female kitten that was dropped. Lily Rose spent the weekend and then went to the shelter for spaying and a new home. She is now happily ensconsed in her FOREVER home. I hope and pray that the kits take a breather for a small while....but the day will come when there is another........and it begins again!
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That is the sad fact about feral rescue Deb- there will always be another.......and another........and another.......There are two new ones here now and just getting glimpses of them, the mom looks pregnant and she also looks young. She has decided under the house is a pretty good place, she is just an alley cat, gray and black striped. Don't know where she came from, but she is sure defending her right to be here.
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Happy Birthday to Smudgie and Rip!!! :baloon:

Wow, 15 babies in one year. And some people still don't think it is necessary to spay and neuter. Goldie will be so much better off when she doesn't have to worry about it.

I have to echo Hissy on this one - Great job! Even one (or 16) little cat is worth the effort! You guys that work with ferals are really my heros.
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I may have given you some of the basics, but you did all the hard work. Trust me, I have coached many people on the ways of ferals and you just are one of those few who has a way with them. I hope Goldie will not be your last save. I really do.
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Doubles?? There's no doubles in there There's 2 pictures that are similar, one with mom in the picture and one without
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AWWWWWWWWWWW DEB!!!!!!!!!! They are SOOO Beautiful!!!! All of them!! OOWWWEEE!!! I just love lickle baby fuzzies!! What a great job you and Goldie have done!! Keep the pics coming as they get bigger!! I want their life story!!!
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What a bunch of little cuties!!!!
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