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Debra-How are the new kittens doing? And how is mommy doing? Keep us updated as to how things are going. Congratulations again!
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I have been gone for a few days from here and owe you all an update! All 5 babies are great! Mom is allowing alot of handling....can't resist! I have 3 orange and 2 muted gray. 4 out of the 5 have extra toes - what large little feet they have!!! I have taken pics and will beg someone to let me e/mail them so you can post them for me!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANYONE??????????????
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You can e mail them to me if you like My e mail is available in my profile.
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Thanks Sandie! I will have my son help me when he comes hoem from work! The kids are soooo cute!
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Glad to hear the kitties are doing well, and can't wait to see the pics!!!
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Anticipa-a-tion....oooh, cute kitty pics! I can't wait!
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Debra - Goldie is sharing her good luck of you helping her with you! Polydactyls are generally considered to bring good luck.

Can't wait for the pix! They sound adorable.
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AAWWW!! Extra toes! I love little soft kitten toes! I feel a round of kitty sammich requests coming up!
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I sent a couple of pics off to Sandie - can't wait!!
I will be taking more tomorrow - they have grown and changed sooooooo much!
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I just got them in e mail,I need to get ready for work, but as soon as I get home I will check the sizes and get them here
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C'mon C'mon!!! We're all waiting to tuck into our kibby sammichs!!!! HURRY!!!! hahaha
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Hurry and post! I'm dying to see those big kitten feet, I bet they're so-o-o-o cute!
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Hurry! I'm dying to see pictures!
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Here they are
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Goldie is not only a good mom, but she threw some beauties here! I love these babies!! So glad you learned the "hissy grab" so effectively! LOL
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They look like little beanie babies, only cuter! Thanks for posting those Sandie!

Debra you must be so proud! How is Goldie adjusting to being all inside with her babies?? The one on the top right in the first one looks so little compared to the others. Is this just a trick of the camera or do you have a little teeny one?
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Oh my goodness! I'm going through kitten withdrawal! I love the way they pile up on one another. They're so sweet.
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Thank you all! And Thank you Sandie for putting these up here. I mailed you others........hint hint hint
I just love them all. And Peepers (AKA Mr. Petie)is indeed much smaller than the rest. I have bought some kitten formula just in case, but at times will take the others out and let him have at momma all by himself. Goldie is SUCH a good mom. She is tolerating us very well and actually is enjoying some pets and loving herself.


I am not a good photographer - but will keep practicing on these little guys!
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So cute! Look at those babies! I love that pile of kitens in the corner of the chair. Oh, gosh, I just want to snuggle little Peepers! Those runts sometimes get so much attention that they turn out to be real snugglers as adults.
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Debra - are you going to make any of these little ones a permanent part of your household? Is Goldie permanent considering how hard you worked to get her?

I just love the markings on the grey tabbies! They look like little tigers with how strong their stripes are.
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Oh Debra, those babies are absolutely adorable!!! Thanks Sandie for posting them for us to see! I just want to pick them up and hug them so bad!!!!
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I would love to keep any or ALL of the babes, but am keeping Goldie as she would not be a great candidate for adoption.......That makes 8 kitties to care for and that has to be my limit
Why, oh why can't I be a ga-zillion-aire?????????
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Are the grays manx's? And are they all poly's? They are so cute, you are lucky you are not closer I would steal them! J/K
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Manx? Don't know..........how can I tell?
All the babes have extra toes (front and back)except for Arthur! He only has the regular amount. That is how I tell him and Peepers apart at times.
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Manx just means no tail...just wondering, one of them bears a striking resemblence to my Stryker, and he is a Manx. They are cute cute cute! Bet your house will be in shambles soon, as soon as they figure out how to work those legs better! LOL
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All tails accounted for Hissy!
I just LOVE the kitty-commando stage! Can't wait!
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More babies
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More babies
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