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Stall Dry & Pam??

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Who was it that uses these in their cats litter pans? Was it Hissy? I am asking because I want to know where you can purchase stall dry? If you spray pam in a litter pan & pour in the litter, does the litter absorb the pam? Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you put litter in after you spray Pam? My mom is going to buy some Pam tonight & I have to refill two litter pans with new litter. I wanted to use Pam in the pans, but I want to be sure I use it right!
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Hissy is the one who uses stall dry

I would call or go to horse and or feed/ ranch sotres
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The time I used Pam in the bottom of the litter box, Cupid kicked litter out trying to get to the bottom. It was the only time he's ever done that, so I quit using it. It did help, though. Good luck.
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it was me and the PAM stops the litter from sticking to the bottom of the pan. The litter doesn't absorb the PAM. But if you spray the sides, that can make your cat want to sample the sides of the litter pan, so just do the bottom.

You can buy stall dry at feed stores and farm supply stores.
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I only have butter flavor Pam in the house. I'm guessing the unflavored/unscented Pam would be best! LOL! I remember reading this before, but never tried it. Thanks for the reminder. And I think I have stall dry in the barn...Do you just sprinkle it on the bottom of the pan before you add the litter?
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Becki I use in place of litter, and am really pleased. If you stir it after they urinate in it, the stall dry absorbs the urine, then you just move the clumps out.
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I got unscented Pam, & I sprayed one of their food bowls with it. It made no difference to them. I sprayed the litter pan halfway up the sides & filled it that full with litter. Recently, someone(Twitch) occaisonally goes for a roll in the litter pan, but only when I have Swheat in it. I am not allowed to come in contact with any clay like litter or litters with dust(tiday cats, arm & hammer, fresh step, etc.). I am going to check with the fleet & farm tomorrow to see if they carry stall dry. It is always worth a try! Hissy, you have such great ideas! Thanks!
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