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Cat freaked of loud noise

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Last night, my baby cat, Cleopatra, scratched me up pretty good. I went to pick her up, like I always do, and she totally freaked out and dug her back claws into me to get away. My pinky finger is all torn up and swollen, and the bottom of my palm had three gashes. The only thing me and my boyfriend could think of that may have scared her was that he coughed really loud right before I picked her up...(he's sick) This is not normal behaviour for her, and she spazed out again later on that night when Jeff (my bf) had friends over and one of them blew their nose. I have no idea why she has become so skittish, but is this normal??
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Maybe something happened when you weren't home that intiated the behavior - some loud noise from outside or something else scared her?

Has she ever heard that kind of loud cough before? I know that my cats still run when my hubby sneezes (he has a VERY loud sneeze like he's yelling when he sneezes ).

She may sense that Jeff is sick and may be a little freaked about that. I know that cats react when one of their own is sick - maybe she is a little more sensitive to sickness in humans, too.

I would watch her for a couple days and see if she calms down. If she doesn't (typical advice) take her to the vet and/or try Rescue Remedy.
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I once picked up my big guy, Leo, to comfort him during a storm. During a particularly loud clap of thunder, he grabbed me around the head and dug in hard, all 20+ lbs. of him. Before I could get him off me, he had scratched all across my forehead and down my neck. He is a gentle thing and has never done anything like that before or since. He was just scared and I bet your baby was, too.
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yep! the baby was scared. couple of months ago i was holding my omally whos about 15 pounds and there was a loud noice. i can't remember what it was but i got pretty clawed up. it hurt. i cleaned my wounds and then went baby talking omally to soothe him. ask any vet. most cats our very nervous animals. i hope you comforted him after he did that. poor baby.
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Thanks for your replies everyone!
Cleo has been fine since...(fingers crossed)I'm okay, and she's been super affectionate with me too. Guess she feels bad, but I just tell her, "It's okay, I don't hold it against you" Ahhh, aren't cats great?
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