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My kitten is a 8 month old un neutered male. He is my only cat and has been with me since he was 6 weeks old. Also, I have 2 room mates so someone is basically always there. Anyways, Im in college (in my own apt.) and I have to go home for the holidays for about 5 days. At my dads house (where Im going) there is a very old, cranky, fat female cat. She doesnt move a lot so Im not worried about her attacking or anything. She is the only cat at my dads house. Anyways, last time I went home I took my cat with me and my dads cat hid the whole entire weekend. My dad got worried so we would have to lock my cat in the room and let his cat out, and vice versa. It was very annoying and complicated because my cat always tried to run out, etc.. So my question is, should I leave my cat alone for the 5 days or bring him? and what should i do? My dad prefers i didnt bring my kitten but im nervous about leaving him alone. I dont know anyone that will be at school to look in on him and i dont have a lot of money to pay someone. Someone please help!!!
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Ideally, you would want to hire a pet sitter. Is it possible to board your kitten somewhere? I know that most people think it gets expensive, but for me it is $6 per cat a day. They provide everything(but the cat).

I would not suggest leaving your cat home alone for that long. My SIL has a cranky old female cat, too. She insists on bringing Tique with her every Christmas. Tique hates Twitch, so I have to confine Twitch. I simply refuse to confine her to my bedroom. What we do is let Tique spend the first day in the bedroom. The 2nd day she gets free run of the basement. For the most part she stays in the bedroom. Twitch would get free run of the upstairs. They were never allowed together alone. We kept doors shut. Is there a way to do this at home?

I hope you can find a good solution for your cat, you, your dad, & your dad's cat!
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