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kitty not feeling well

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Until about a week ago, my kitty was eating iams dry and fancy feast. I decided to switch her to a brand without meat by products...I ordered merricks, but in the meantime, I picked up Nutro at the pet store (i was out of the old food anyway). She was doing fine with it all week until today, she threw up right after she ate (although I gave her a different flavor then she had all week...i bought a few different kinds b/c I didnt know what she would like). Its been about an hour and she still keeps hacking like she's going to throw up. What do I do for her? Should I just give her dry food until the merrick's gets here and we'll try that? How long should I wait today to put dry food out for her today...or is there any food I can give that will be easier on her stomach (ie, my mother gives her dog rice and poached chicked when his stomach is bad).
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If it's just upset tummy & not diareha I would try Chicken Baby Food, Gerber #2. Make sure it's Meat, water & thickening only, no onions. Also, are you positive you kitty didn't get into anything? This seems to me to be a strong reaction to a new food, but maybe someone else will come along that has seen this before. Can you call your vet & just talk to him or her? (I'm a nervous Mom & tend to call the vet a lot)
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When my cat developed a tummy problem (and was full of gas) we were told to fast her for 12 hours. After that we were advised to give her small meals every few hours. She was allowed to drink some water. However, contact your vet to receive his/her opinion before doing that as her situation may be one that requires medical attention (seen and treated) and/or a different approach. The persistent hacking is worrisome, and I would definitely want an opinion.

Did you slowly introduce her new food with the old? Quickly changing a kitty's diet can cause an upset tummy; therefore, resulting in vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Like the other poster asked, due to the persistent hacking, is there a possibility she could she have gotten into something that may be irritating her throat and/or stomach?

It could also be something totally unrelated to the two above and she may be feeling ill due to other reasons.

Again, I would contact your vet to see what he/she thinks and recommends.
If she vomits again or any other abnormalities occur (lethargy, diarrhea etc.), I would get her in to be seen. I always say better safe than sorry. Good Luck.
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