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I would like to introduce Lola...

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...and her health problems!

Lola is a feral/stray that my neighbor caught & kept in a crate in her garage. There were two, then 6. Her dog opened a crate & killed one of the cats, so she is trying to find others to care for them. I took in Lola because she melted my heart. Here is her picture.

Does she remind you of someone? Let's see if this picture makes you think of who!

Lola is a white cat with blue eyes who is deaf. She is approximately 3 years old(the same age as Twitch ). She is rather small for her age. She has had her rabies shot, distemper shot, & has been checked out by a vet. She developed the kitty flu a week ago. She got better, but since coming to my house this morning, she has begun sneezing again, possibly due to stress. She has boogers around her eyes now, too. Twitch has the boogers around her eyes, but that is being treated. Twitch & Lily are not allowed near Lola & Lola isn't allowed near them. She is in a kitty carrier on top of the dog crate. Her carrier is completely covered when I am not around to ensure my kitties don't have contact with her. I have several questions.
How can I disenfect the carrier she is in?
What can I use for a litter pan in a tiny carrier?
Why is she sick again?
What could she be sick with?
How can I convince mom & dad to let me have another cat? Of course, they all go with me when I get an apartment. Mom & dad don't like the litter & the smell of pets in the house. They don't want our house to smell like Humane Society.
What do I do with her this weekend when we are gone? The vet clinic where I am boarding everyone else is full. The other places to board are 20 mintues in the other direction from my house(which would be 40 minutes away from where we are boarding everyone else ). I am looking into seeing if another neighbor can keep her.
Do I take her to the humane society if I can't keep her? If I can't keep her & don't take her to the HS, she will have to be an outside cat. Being deaf, that is a death sentence. Is there another option I am missing?

I personally can attest to the bond between a deaf cat & it's owner. I cannot believe what a wonderufl comapnion Twitch is. If she wasn't deaf, I do not believe that we would have the same bond we have now.

Wish me luck with Lola! She is quite the little sweetheart!
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Is there a rescue nearby who can help? If not, once she is healthy, it would be nice if you could tame Lola before you try to find her a home. There are lots of pointers on the feral and rescue forum.

Do your other kitties use the crate? If not, I would put Lola in it, so she will have more space.

I like a mix of 10% bleach in water to disinfect carriers etc. I think it will kill anything.
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I would put Lola in the crate all of the time, but I am afraid she will come in contact with Twitch or Lily. She has the same vaccs as they do, so being vaccinated won't protect them from getting sick.

I am using the crate whenever I can. I was gone & dad was in the basement, so I sent the cats down with him & left Lola in the crate for an hour. I put the cats in the basement for their evening nap & put Lola in the crate then, too. I used Fantastic to clean the crate when Lola came out so the dog could sleep in there tonight.

She is remarkably tame for a feral cat. She never hisses or tries to bite & she leans forward when you reach out to pet her. She really needs a bath because she smells, though. I think I will wait awhile to try that.

The HS near me isn't taking in any cats until after Christmas(if they have room then, I bet I could keep her & list here there, though), which leaves me with the dilemma of where to go with her while we are gone over Christmas weekend.
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Beautiful eyes! Good luck with her!
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she's adorable, i love white cats i'm sure you'll find a way, i think boarding her in a place 20min away is OK, just take more time before you leave and come home to bring her back.
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Welcome to the family, beautiful Lola!
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