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my kitten hates plastic toys. HELP

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Abi won't play with anything plastic. she just sniffs it and walks away. I have tried rubbing feliway on it, cat food, even tuna juice, and nothing. So this leaves out a lot of things she could play with alone especially now at five months and teething. She prefers cotton and silk (weird?) and she prefers a smooth texture to wool- so I make some heavy cotton or silk string ties and knot them and those she will chase and chew. and she likes cotton covered scrunchies with small silk ribbons attached to them- all attached to a fishing pole. Right now she is in my lap wrestling with my apron strings. Please give me some other ideas for things she can play with besides me.. she hasn't yet figured out that when I am home I am not her play slave. PS: cat nip is a bore to her. All her favorite toys are little things I have made. Could this be a back to the earth...whole earth catalog cat ? I am showing my age with that reference.
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But you HAVE to be her play slave... what good are toys and no one to play with? You have to jiggle and drag the knotted cords, let her have a bite or two, then jiggle them away a bit and start over. Ever thought of getting her a friend to chase and wrestle with?
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with a cat allergy that I am managing and a husband who is barely tolerating this kitten, I would have to say a feline playmate is out of the question. Plus today I spent another 160. at the vet's for her eye and ear infections. I didn't spend this much on my own doctor visits this year. yikes !!
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Give her some crumpled newspaper balls to play with. Get a big box and cut some holes in the side off the box off the ground level and toss in a few ping pong balls- she will love to jump in and out of the holes and go after the ping pong balls.
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thanks Hissy, ping pong balls are the ultimate bore to her. she has a large box to climb in and out of with holes but she will only use it if i am playing with her. One evening she discovered scrunchies and used them as hockey pucks all over the hardwod floors. That lasted two days, now they bore her too. I have even taken to dipping plastic toys in chicken juice. nothing !
she reminds me of someone I knew (grin)
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My kitties like to play in paper bags, also toilet paper rolls once all the toilet paper is off of it. Maybe your kitten would like those for toys also.
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