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thought I'd post this

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Hopefully people pitch in around that place to adopt those poor babies.
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i hate this...shelters closing around christmas and the animals are desperate for adoption...
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i posted this notice in the forums of www.bestfriends.com, www.snowballschance.org, www.savingshelterpets.com, www.nola.com and Paws4Life at http://paws4life.vf11.com/. May I suggest that you post this notice in your local Craigslist and in the Craigslist for your surrounding area and states.
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They should be calling other humane societies to get them in there, instead of euthanizing...unless they already tried that...?
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there have been some responses in some of the forums that i posted this in...there are people who have said they will try to help with this...let's hope they can get the animals out in time.
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WOW! You guys are so awesome! I would have never been able to think to do those things. And that's so great that you guys can help out even though you maybe far away....

This is truly amazing. I just love this site. I really do hope that they can get these babies to a home soon. There were not very many left last time I checked, so hopefully they have gotten homes.
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I just checked, and see only 3 cats left on the Petfinder site! Great job of getting the word out!
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Great work to those who helped out! That is one of the things that I love so much about this site. Post a problem and you can be sure that everyone will go out of their way to help those in need!
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