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Ox peed on the kitchen counter!!!

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I am nearing my wits end on what too do!!!
I have tried letting him outside or in the garage if I think he is going to go to the bathroom. With only moderate success.
I have placed him in the litter boxes in the basement-that freaked him out!!!
I had one in the family room-that didn't work either.
He peed on the counter sometime this morning while I wasn't in the kitchen.
He has NEVER done this before.
That bad thing is my leather Coach purse soaked up some of the urine-so I rinsed and soaked that with enzyme cleaner-had to throw some other stuff away. Hopefully that will be ok.
When I was at the independent pet store last week I asked about the problems and did pick up a bag of Wheatscoup stuff-I think I should just get a litterbox and place it in the kitchen as that is where all the the bathroom stuff is happening-the bathroom off the kitchen is too small to stick a box in. I don't want the others to get in the habit of having one in the kitchen though. DH would have freaked if he knew Ox did this.
I can bring him into vet again-however I'm not sure that would do any good.
This might be age related????
Just had to rant!!
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Gail: I'm so sorry to hear that! How about trying him on
some dirt on a tarp? Like Hissy suggests for ferals? To
remind him of "outside"? It may also be a senility issue?
That he litterally can't remember to go to the box when
he feels the urge, he justs goes where he is?

Gator pees and poops in "wrong" places - he's plain neurotic,
but so far it hasn't been as bad as your Ox.

I know you tried the outdoor thingy with SOME luck...

Do you have a nice covered / enclosed porch you can put
him on - with box and bedding for the cold?

Till you can figure out what he's doing and why?

Also, I can refer you to the Best Friend's animal site,
they have a GREAT FAQ from their animal vet/behvaiorist
on how to treat this type of problem...

Not sure it would work for you though... but worth a shot...

Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you to get
Ox to start going in his box!
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Well for the past three nights I have placed a litter box in the kitchen by the door that leads to the garage. I know someone is peeing in there but I don't know who. If I pick him up and place him in there he scurries out. I'm wondering while that is a big litter box while he is not a heavy cat he has a large
frame he would use a bigger box with more room??? Also I give all the cats a small amt of moist food in the morning then as he eats a different dry food I feed him that. About 5-10 minutes after he is done with that I pick up up and put him outside. I watched him 2 days-once he did pee outside and the other he pooped under the truck. This am I let him out for longer as we have icy conditions I didn't look outside to see if he did anything-I'll check the garage. I aso pick up the two area rugs in the kitchen at night.
The only thing I'm worried about is having the cats get used to having a litter box in the kitchen at night.
Well for right know I'll keep it in garage during the day and back in kitchen at night.
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If you are using a bigger box - that's good. My 2 seniors
are so large I gave up the largest litter box, and bought
a shallow tupperware container instead. about
5/6 inches deep and about 25 or more long. Big enough
for Didi to turnabout in it, and his tail doesn't even stick
out over the edge, LOL! No more missed pees going outside
the box, even tho they are standing in box!!

And yes, maybe it being by the door is a "clue" to
his brain, this is where to go because this = going

Good luck, keep us posted!
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Gail, as you know, this could be a symptom of a nasty UTI. I would strongly recommend having Ox checked by his Vet.
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Gail go to a home depot store and buy one of those hot water heater drain pans. Fill that with regular clay litter and see if that makes a difference.
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Since I have posted last I have had no more problems.
I pick up the two area rugs in the kitchen every night and place the litter box by the door-there was some poop in there but I know it wasn't Ox's.
After I feed him his morning food either he now makes a move toward the door to be let outside or I pick him up and place him outside.
It also helps that the weather has been milder than normal too.
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Gail, that's wonderful!! I'm so happy to hear it!!
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How's Ox doing?
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