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DT-Its Friday!!!!

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Hi everyone! Nothing much going on here at work today. I have a feeling that it is going to be really quiet here. I brought some books to read to keep me busy. Does anyone have plans for Easter? I am going to my grandparent's house. Have a HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!
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Good morning! I am STILL swamped at work! Hopefully, with it being Good Friday and all the phones won't be as busy. I have a major project due at 10:00 today, so I shouldn't really even be on here!

We are going up to Ft. Collins (about 60 miles north of Denver) to do the family Easter thing. I am meeting my Dad's new girlfriend (Mom passed away a little more than 2 years ago). She sounds like a really great lady, which I should expect - Dad has great taste! And I am happy that he is getting back into life and is happy. But I'm still having a little difficulty dealing with it. It's just strange to hear about Dad being with another woman. The other thing that makes it a little hard is that Easter was Mom's favorite holiday and her birthday would have been Saturday. Wish me luck! I don't want to drown the poor woman in tears when I meet her!

I better get back to work. Thanks for listening to my little problem!

Happy Friday! And Happy Easter to those going away for the weekend!
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We are spending tomorrow night at my cousin's house and doing the Easter thing with them. I think it's a good thing. I like them a lot, but also it would have been kind of a bummer of a holiday just the 2 of us. Coloring eggs tomorrow night, church and visiting on Sunday, should be fun.

Yeah, I bet it's quiet here today too, and all weekend with the holiday. But I think it's usually quieter on Fridays and Mondays anyway.

Heidi, I lost both my folks in 1984. Holidays were the worst. But it does get better over time. It's okay to feel sad and miss your mom. You love her. And it's good to move ahead with life and make new friends and new traditions. I'm sure your dad's lady friend will understand if you are emotional. Enjoy your time together!
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The more people we love, the more capacity to love! I understand your ambivilence, though.
It's a shame you have to work today. Bodlover is off. When I was a teenager, the businesses closed from 12-3 so that the employees could attend a Good Friday service. I think Chick Fillet still does that. It's a nice gesture. In fact, they close on Sundays and pay the mall a fine because of it! That's the courage of your convictions when it hits your pocketbook. Of course, when the stores started to stay open on Sundays, I was one of the first to shop!
Sunday my kids and their babies will be here for Easter dinner. The bunny always comes here. I want to help him, but it won't be easy this year because of the wheelchair. Well, I can't just sit around and rot, can I? Happy and blessed Easter to all of you!
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Nothing going on for me today. I hope I have all my running around for the week done. I'm not working much now, so I am bored out of my mind. No Easter plans, but some friends are throwing an oyster roast tomorrow at our local hangout.
Heidi, good luck to you on meeting your Dad's new friend. I really believe that my father would have lived longer if he had found someone after my mom passed away. I hope she is wonderful!
Happy Friday All!!:flower:
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Just a question....I thought everyone had good Friday off as a holiday...I do, and all of the businesses here in Brantford, Ontario, Canada are closed. It's awful that you all have to be at work, while I have a three day weekend and have absolutely nothing to do!! I can just laze around and sleep in...ahhh, nothing like rubbing it in, right?? HAHAHA!! Sorry everyone...I don't usually act this way, but I haven't had a weekend off in over a month, so I'm happy!! Happy Easter everyone...eat lots of chocolate, I am!
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Hello Everybody!

I am also at work but there is a rumor that we will get to leave at 2:00. Our office chose to do a floating holiday for Easter; you could either take off Friday or Monday. I chose Monday.

Don't have any Easter plans, but boy do I miss getting Easter baskets. I was 21 the last time I got an Easter basket, I'll be 24 in June. I just love candy, don't like a lot of chocolate though, I never did eat the chocolate bunny. When women here me say this they look at me like I'm an alien :martian: I like the fruity candy like sweet tarts, jelly beans, licorice, skittles. I better stop, now I really want some candy.

I may go to the in-laws house for Easter dinner but that's not for sure yet.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and for those who do not celebrate Easter I hope you have a lovely weekend!
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Hi, all of you lucky people, with the weekend off. I'm not off, until Monday. Walgreen's NEVER closes. Sure could tell that last night was a full moon! Opie got crazy, early in the afternoon, chasing things that weren't there and trying to get me to play tag. I am NOT playing tag with a creature 40 years younger and with twice as many legs. Happy Easter, everyone.
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Well, I finally got the Easter baskets. Its supposed to be Spring Break but our school don't get it off because of The olympics. I am not doing anything special except going to church with the kids and breaking the 40 week no meat day. I am having a feast(not really).

Rascal is better. I went home yesterday and found him crying as usual for me to open the door. He is his usual, loving self. He is not supposed to jump or rough play but how can I stop him?

And its a beautiful day outside. I can't wait for shorts season!
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Hey, Sfell, No one is too old for the Easter Bunny to visit! Where did you get that idea? Stand up for your right to jelly beans. The bunny is still coming for my 4 grown children and spouses. Unlike you and me (I love Jujyfruits, Nibs, Jujubes, and licorice, with an occasional Kit Kat and Peanut Butter Cup-yum) my kids like chocolate, which is much more expensive, unless you get the waxy junk-yuck. The bunny always brings me a hyacinth or tulip, which I love, but would someone tell him I'm still a kid at heart, and I BELIEVE!
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Goodness, we're already in shorts, here in D/FW! I wish it stayed a little cooler a little longer . . .

My daughter isn't much for chocolate either, and I always loved it, so I guess it's just a preference from the cradle!

We went to the Easter egg hunt today and got a picture made with a real rabbit. Gosh, it was cute! It was gray and so soft. If I didn't have 3 cats . . .

Thinking about days off, I guess in the US we don't give religious holidays off much any more. Lots of companies give floating holidays, though. I suppose it makes sense if you think that between Jews, Muslims and Christians of assorted kinds, we don't all want the same days off.

And of course the picture tube on the tv died, so I'm bumming. I won't be getting a new set any time soon. I love my kid, but a single parent with an only child gets no time to herself without at least the option of television! Plus it's so nice at night to snuggle on the sofa. I read her lots of books, but sometimes it's nice not to have to put out the effort to do that.
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Sunlion, I don't want to be insulting, because I know you're used to better, but the local Pennysaver (a small free paper full of ads) always has used T.V.s at a very reasonable price. Why not? You need the distraction! I've seen them offered for $25. Even if it goes bad in six months it's worth it.
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I'm not proud, I shop thrift stores etc. In spite of his needing every new compu-gadget that comes out, I haven't been middle class in a long time. Actually, as an at-home mom, you do that to get by on one income. I just have no income of my own right now, so replacing this box is going to mean doing without somewhere else. Himself said he'd get us one, for our daughter. I told him, check the Thrifty Nickel, check the pawn shops, I mean, the set I have (had) now is used, as long as I have one that works until I'm working, then I can get another if I need to. I hate having to ask him for anything.
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Hi everyone!

I'm on 'vacation' here... I haven't been at work since Tuesday, but I haven't really done anything either. I was going to go skiing yesterday, alone, and I even got up early and got all my gear ready to go... and chickened out. I just couldn't justify going all the way to Vail (about 1 1/2 hour drive), buying a lift ticket, going up to the top of the mountain and skiing down once. I know me, and I just know that's all the skiing I'd do alone (I'd feel like a great big loser out there alone...). I'm mad at myself for not going, but then again, I'm glad I didn't go and waste the money. (Does this sound stupid???)

Today I went to the mall (weekly bookstore trip!) and that's it, aside from cleaning out the guinea pig cage! Fun, fun, fun.

No plans for Easter here... the S/O has been in Moab, Utah since Monday and won't be back until Sunday evening, so it'll be a quiet day here. At least it's warm and sunny and looking just like spring should!
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