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cat becoming unfriendly

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Shasha seems a lil bit less affectionate lately. She, won't let me pet her for long. I start petting her for a few seconds and she just runs off. But she still follows me everywhere around the house, just to be near me. But she doesn't come and rub against me or anything like that unless she's hungry. Any ideas why she's acting strange?
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I don't really know why she is acting this way. Have things changed lately? Maybe she is stressed or mad at you? Hopefully soon enough she will return to her normal behavior. Let us know what happens.
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Sometimes drastic changes in behavior could also be signs of them not feeling well.
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Well it's hard to say much because you didn't give much information about your kitty. Her age, any health problems, if she's fixed or not and any new changes in the enviroment are all different things that could contribute to her behavior.
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Well, Shasha is one years old. She's never been sick before. But last three weeks I found an abondoned kitten and brought him home with me for a while, then my brother took him. It was after the kitten was here that she started acting strange. Maybe she didn't like the presence of the kitten?
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Could very well be why. Cats are funny like that. I remember when I was younger I used to have a cat named Tigger. I loved him to pieces. A while after my mom adopted him from the MSPCA we got a new kitten named Reggie. Tigger didn't mind him too much in fact he often cleaned him. Several years later though we moved to an apartment complex and took in a cat who belonged to one of our neighbors but they didn't take care of her. Tigger hated it. He hated the new arrival so much he took off. I thought he might have been hit by a car but one day as I was playing down by one of the other apartments I saw that he was living there in the neighbor's house. He sat on their front steps and watched me as I called his name and shook his food to get him to come. He had no desire of comming back home and it broke my heart.

So the point of my story is that if indeed it is the kitten who is bothering your Shasha then her behavior is not out of the ordinary. Give her a bit of time to work this out on her own and maybe even encourage some play sessons with her favorite toys to help you two bond again.
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A large percentage of cats do not get thier "real" puursonality until about a year old... Unfortunately that could mean that the cute little loving furball kitten will have a change of temperment at around a year and isn't anything like they were as a kitten. In your case, you have a double whammy, the new arrival, and the age.. I wouldn't worry too much though I think that everything will level out eventually. Please keep us updated..

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Thanks you guys.
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Shasha is affectionate again Even more than before. I'm so happy
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