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The Osbournes

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Anyone been watching The Osbournes on MTV? :tounge2: That show is hilarious! Talk about a hip family ..... We have it on TiVo as a season pass. It cut the part off where Ozzy was going to throw the big chunk of wood at the neighbors house Man, is he out of it, though!
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I haven't seen it yet. When is it on? I love Ozzy! I read an interview in Rolling Stone, and if it is nearly as funny as that it should be great. I saw the coolest toys at Spencer Gifts, it was an Ozzy-in-the-box. They had Alice Cooper, too.
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Krazy, this is the funniest show on tv. I read that article also and the show is like the article in 3D.
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This show cracks me up. It's on several times during the week, but the new episodes are shown first on Tuesdays after "The Real World". (That's at 10:30pm cst for me.)
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I've only seen an episode or two, but man, they are weird! The kids fight all the time, and Ozzy's just a nut.
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I LOVE this show!!!! I was wondering if anybody else out there was watching it or not!!!

After the first episode, I wasn't sure....Ozzy seemed like he was kinda pathetic, and like he had no clue what was going on around him, but after the next two episodes, I was hooked!!!

Ozzy actually is kind of a loveable old guy, he has such a cute sense of humor!! I just get the biggest kick out of the whole show!!!

last episode where he was discussing the v*g*na doctor with his daughter was hilarious! And the whole neighbor thing cracked me up!!

Anyway...I love it. It is entertaining to say the least!!!
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I accidentally caught the first show and was pretty much hooked. I find it hilarious that everyone in the family swears up a storm. The epsiode of the dogs pooing and weeing all over the place was pretty funny too.
I was wondering if there was something wrong with Ozzy (stroke, Parkinsons?), or if his hard rocking years had just caught up with him. He seems to shuffle about and one of his arms hangs a bit.
Still, he comes up with some zingers.
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Just to let all of you Osbourne's fans know, Ozzy and the family will be on The Tonight Show tonight (Friday). I hope they have the *beep* button handy!!
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I'm guessing it's from all the drugs he has done. Hubby was saying he was on another show and that he said it embarrases him to watch himself on camera. Sometimes, it's very hard to understand him with his slurred speech and thick accent! He's a riot, though! The whole family was on Jay Leno tonight!

Imagine talking about that to your dad!
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Aw crap!!! I just now read this about them being on the tonight show friday night, and of course, I missed it!!

Can't wait to see what goes on this Tuesday!!!

Tigger...I can't even imagine talking like that to my father!! I would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap!! :LOL:
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I wouldn't even dare talk about that to my father, yet alone my mother! :LOL: That is just toooooooooo embarassing!

I can't wait for Tuesday's show!!!
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I finally got to see it last night and I laughed till I couldn't sit up straight! I couldn't believe Ozzy would crack on his daughter for getting a tattoo! I thought I would choke when they started throwing ham at the neighbors for playing crappy music at all hours. I've always been a big Ozzy fan, all the way back to the Black Sabbath days. Yes, I'm old.
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Don't feel bad, Krazy Kat, I'm an old Ozzy fan too!!!
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I found this old thread, coz they've just started showing the Osbournes on terrestrial TV in the UK.

I was literally on the floor in hysterics!

We were trying to work out whether it's for real or whether they are putting on an act for the cameras - what's the general consensus from those who have seen the whole series?

I love Ozzy's Birmigham accent, it reminds me of my days at art school up that neck of the woods.

Awful about sharon's illness - anyone heard the latest, its been quiet here about it recently.
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Well, she is in chemo until March; I read that today in the entertainment section of our newspaper. She is also going to be having her own talk show.
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That is so sad about Ozzy's wife.

The new shows start here either on the 26th or 27th, can't remember which.
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I saw it for the first time this weekend! It was the episode where Ozzy was chasing the cat in the back yard. Absolutely hillarious!
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Ozzy had a broken foot during that eposide!

I agree it was a funny one!

Ozzy loves to yell for his: SHHHHHHHHHARRRRRRRRRON!!!!
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I agree! Ozzy is very down to earth!!! I did not know they had taken in a teenage boy!
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I've actually watched a few shows. Haven't decided if I like it or not. I watched the one where Sharon was going to pee in the son's friends vodka bottle! Yikes! I think she would have if the daughter hadn't barged into the bathroom.

Of course, I happened to fall upon the show when their dog was pleasantly puking. Yuck!
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