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The Rookie

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I know it just opened but has anyone seen this yet? The S/O and I are thinking about seeing a movie tomorrow and this is one that we can both agree on. Curious if you of you guys have seen it yet.
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It looks like a good one...let me know how it is if you do go see it Colby.

I have to give 'Ice Age' rave reviews here while we're talking about movies. I enjoyed that so much! Took the kids to see it last weekend I don't know who liked it more, me or them :laughing: We got into the car to go home after it was over and I was all excited saying 'We gotta get that on DVD, huh guys?' They looked at me like I was nuts and just nodded :LOL:
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I haven't seen it yet, but I am going to go see Blade 2 this weekend and want to know if it's any good. My boyfriend really wants to see it, so I'm going(I'm such a good girlfriend, aren't I?) LOL. I haven't heard anything yet about it, has anyone here seen it yet??
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I haven't seen Blade 2, but a friend of mine's daughter saw it, and said it was excellent!!!
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Well, I went to see Blade 2 the other night, I thought it was pretty good, but have to say, not as good as the first one, I think it was a bit too unrealistic this time, it was good though and the effects are good, but a bit too much like Alien I thought. Hey, did you know the main "baddie" in it is played by Craig Goss out of Bros!!! Remember them?!?!?!?

PS, Fallinrain, have you seen the first one?? You don't REALLY to have seen it, but it makes it much better if you have - the first one is brilliant!! (Much better in my opinion)
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I went and saw The Rookie Friday with hubby. It was pretty good. It's not one that I would say wait till it comes out on video. I would say if you want to go see it, go see it; if you want to wait until it comes out on video, then wait.

I was kinda thinking it would be along the lines of Remember The Titans. It wasn't as good as Remeber The Titans, but I'm glad I went to the theatre and saw it.
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I heard Ice Age was hilarious! My parents went to go see it and they loved it. I thought that it wasn't going to be that good...but now i want to go see it. Did anyone see Panic Room yet? I am going to go see that next weekend.
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