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What's in your kittys stockings?

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my cats stockings are ready for Christmas, because we are leaving this Thursday and the cats will be travelling with us we have decided to open our presents to each other on the Wednesday night before we leave.

i was curious what everyone elses kitty's are getting for Christmas, here's what mine are getting (i had to hide in the room to get these photo's)


a big fluffy mouse, one of her favorite toys.

two paw breakers.

a catnip critter, the same as pandy's that i forgot to put in the picture.

whiskers chicken drumstick treats.

a small tin of her favorite dine catfood.

a cosmic catnip cushion from ss.

a catnip filled ball from ss.

and some cosmic catnip also from ss (for them to share)


a awesome monkey toy with catnip in it from ss.

a small catnip sack from ss.

a small tin of her favorite dine catfood.

a little fluffy mouse.

a jingly ball from ss.

a catnip critter.

two pawbreakers.

whiskers fish treats.

cosmic cat treats from ss (for them to share)


a tug toy.

a yellow throw toy.

a dried pig foot.

a dried roo sausage.

and a huge dog bed we gave to her a few days ago.

i can't wait to see what the cats are like when they see their presents

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Oh gosh, I think if I wrapped all of their presents they would be getting more than us!

They have already gotten a Honeysuckle Take Away Box of toys from Plain Brown Tabby. They LOVE the Honeysuckle Hacky Kat most of all!! And they got 2 big bags of organic catnip, which they also love.

From us, on Christmas:

2 scratchering pads
Honeysuckle Snake for Trent (from Plain Brown Tabby)
Kurly Q's (again from Plain Brown Tabby)
Loads of other balls and mice, half of which were from last year's Christmas that they never got around to playing with!
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well, because of my surgery my furkids got all of their presents early! their main gift was a cat tree. they also got a hot cats catnip cigar, a fur mouse w/feather tails [tails are already gone, btw] a honeysuckle hackysack ball, a jingle worm, some kitty kaviar, wildside salmon, roasted chicken treats, & id tags. i've also ordered some of those tunnels from target & a new carrier so i have 3 just alike, but those haven't come yet.
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We thought about extention parts to our cat tree, but decided to buy just their favourite snacks; smoked whitefish, prawns and dried smelt. Not very healthy, but Christmas is just once a year.
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Your fur kids are going to love their stockings, Felicia!!

I haven't seen some of those Whiskas treats - I didn't realise that they had different ones in Aus and the UK!

I have a few bits and bobs for our stockings so far - but still lots to get! So far we have some furry mice, some crinkly mice, lots of treats and a couple of trays of food! I need to get some more wand toys and then we'll be all go!! I'm also trying to get another Whiskas Snacky Mouse (or two!)
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Abby is getting a lot of goodies from Plain Brown Tabby Toys, and her big gift is a heated perch. We all have a bunch of spoiled kitties My husband and I were in a gift ship yesterday and he felt the need to tell someone working there that he was pretty sure I bought more for Abby for Christmas than I did for him!
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i didnt get my kitty anything yet.
but it will most likely be toys she is in need for some she only has one the dogs ate the rest
2 yrs ago we got our furbabies a big plastic stocking filled with a whole lot of toys i think ill get one of those this yr again and one of those things that you stick to the wall and they rub against it she does that to everything so she would love that...
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I'm going to Petco tonite to get Harley's stocking stuffers!

Who wants to guess at how long they will stay wrapped....cuz I bet that I will give them to him early! I am horrible, I got him a bunch of things already but yup....he looked so cute that I couldn't wrap them and not give them to him right away! HA!
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Reilly has so much stuff in his stocking that now he has gifts wrapped under the tree too!

He has 2 kitty variety stockings
a crinkle bag
a TY beanie baby
a box of treats
and a bunch of other stuff people have given him that haven't been opened yet!
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Squirt's and Joey's gift is that I actually put up a tree and tossed some ornaments on it. Joey has been having fun batting at the ornaments and knocking them off the tree.
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Limerick and Able are each getting "Door Buddies" in thie stocking and the "Hair Magnent" as their big gift. I know they like that one because they are rubbing on it already.
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I'm still having so much fun shopping for my girlies! These are more great ideas! Thank you for your fun pictures, Felicia! Your babies would have had a blast if they had come in the room as you were taking photos of their treats!

So far, Sierra and Serenity will be getting

A big bag of bonito (tuna flakes)
Wildside Salmon
Grandma Lucy's Mahi-Mahi
loose catnip
catnip pillows
A new Swat & Play
New id tags and bells for their collars
New dishes
Kitty grass, which they always have anyway, but it will be a fun Christmas treat
I've ordered some of Merrick's new flavor, Ocean Breeze, for them to enjoy as their special Christmas Feast!

Also, a new digital thermometer and litter box, gifts they will surely be so excited to get

My girls especially wish to thank their cousins for their super special toys and treats they've already received!

The shopping fun continues...
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playing with the parts of toys that my 6 year old gets and she turns around and plays with the cat toys i ended up getting them catnip, little toy mice, and some type of toy that hangs from the door that they can play with more than likely my daughter will play with that. at least she does not mess with the catnip
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I got my cats a cattree... early (because I used my birthday money to get it for them) and they love it!
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My cats also got a cat tree. Of course, I couldn't wait until Christmas to put it up so they got it the week of Thanksgiving. They love it though so I'm pretty happy.

Samwise is getting some treats and a stuffied catnip mouse along with another stuff catnip toy.

Gandalf is getting some balls and a stuffed catnip mouse and another stuff catnip toy as he doesn't like treats.

And I bought Bubbles (My parents cat) a stuffed catnip mouse as well. She's not very into toys being as old and sick as she is but she loves to lay around on the catnip toys.
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Well I crocheted them their stocking, but still need to get stuff to fill it with. Money's a bit tight this year, so they will have to share.

Here's their stocking
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We filled Pepper and Pixie's stocking with...

Two cans of Fancy Feast (grilled beef and grilled salmon, their faves)
A mini catnip filled Christmas stocking toy
A pouch of Whiska's wet food (salmon and beef, again their faves)
A new collar each (Pepper's is blue, Pixie's is red)
A can of Pounce treats (from my parents)

As well a wrapped gift for under the tree, it's a Temptations Chirstmas box, filled with 6 kinds of Temptations, a box of "Cat Milk" and a mouse toy.

I know that none of this is healthy but it's Christmas and it's only once a year so oh well!
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