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I dont know if this is an abscess or not but my semi-feral cat might have one. About a week and a half ago I noticed that my feral came over to me and had yellowish green stuff on her fur she was cleaning it so I thought it was just somthing she got on her. I did notice a bump on the back end. I wasnt sure what it was I thought it might of been the stuff sticking to the fur making a clump so I didnt think it was anything too bad. Now for the past few days shes been licking he area so I started to look up scratches and bites because she has been playing with her sibling alot since it has been showing up more now. After reading about abscess i was starting to think it might be one so i quickly got a cotton ball and cleaned it with half hydrogen peroxhyd and water. What should I do know shes had this for a about 2 weeks now and didnt show any signs of a fever and didnt lose her appetite do they just heal after a while? cause how would it survive if i wasnt taking care of her?
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Depending on how well she allows you to handle her, and how strong your stomach is as well as how old this bite is, you need to try and keep it open and draining for a few days and treat it with an antibiotic ointment. I have one barn cat that just today came home, with bite wounds. He got nailed under his chin, on top his head and under his shoulder. He is confined on the porch and on clinidrops at the moment, because I had some left over that was still good.

If the abscess starts to really swell or get hot, your cat needs a vet because he needs antibiotics. You want to be careful, if it is a cat bite they carry a lot of bacteria in their mouth and that is what you have to be cautious about.
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Surprisingly she let me touch it. (I used gloves) It was draining later in the day so I used hydrogen peroxhyd with water that should help right? whats a good ointment to use?
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I have a bacterial ointment I get from my vet's. But if you have betadine that is better than hydrogen peroxide. You can use neosporin a tiny bit though. Good luck!
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I had a kitten with an abcess a few years ago. He stopped eating, was very lethargic, and had a swelling on his backend. I didn't know what was wrong so I took him to the vet. The vet said it was an abcess, drained it, and the kitten was running around the next day. It was a very simple procedure and didn't require any additional meds. Maybe you should take your cat to the vet so he can properly drain it. Also, my kitten didn't have any leakage so maybe the leakage on your cat is due to something else altogether?
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before i put the ointment on is it ok if she licks it? also the color of the oozing is kind of brownish
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i was looking up the brown liquid and i think it might be a anal sac discharge what should i do?
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there are several threads on the site about impacted anal glands. from what i've read, the anal glands empty everytime the cat defecates. however, sometimes they get impacted and don't empty and then they will need to be emptied by a vet. I would suggest taking the cat to the vet to get a definite diagnosis on what this brown leakage is.
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The pictures are a bit blurry and hard to see, but I'd suggest a vet visit just to make sure this kitty is cared for.
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You better get this cat to a vet, even blurry that bite looks like it needs attention.
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I called the vet and they arent open till after the holidays. So till then should I continue to put ointment on? By the way have any of you had this situation before and how much will it be if she needs a procedure?
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Are there no emergency vets open? I would definitely try to find one.
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