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flower essences

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I have 2 cats Lucy and Cosmo who do not get along. We recently moved and I thought in a new territory some of their issues might be more easily resolved.

Little did I understand about the stress cat's feel because of moving. Well, I tried to reintroduce my cats and immediately Cosmo, the younger of the 2, started hunting Lucy and eventually bit her.

We took Lucy to the vet immediately because she gets abcesses from Cosmo's bites. I went to a new vet and they recommened giving my cats flower essences in their water every day.

I am giving my cats 2 drops of nature's rescue remedy a day. As well as 2 drops each of Walnut flower essence and Beech flower essence. Walnut is supposed to help with the move. Beech is supposed to help to ease the tension between the cats.

Has anyone ever tried this before and if so were you successful?
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I have never used these 3 in a seperate form, I have always just used Dr bachs rescue remedy. I know that this works on quite a few cats, but not all of them.
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