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My blunder for the year!

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Just got back from walmart about an hour or so ago. My Mom had told me about these lights in the Christmas section that are a bunch of chili peppers. My kitchen is chili peppers so I got really excited about them. Well tonight I bought one for myself.

So we got it home and I'm all excited because it's totally cute! Well I'm sitting there arranging peppers and my DH asks 'is that how it's supposed to look?' I say no, I still need to cut the plastic things on the back that were holding all the things together tight. I'm talking about those plastic things they put on packages that you need mega scissors to cut to get off, the hard white plastic things they pull through but you can't pull back out. So DH snips them off for me. Then he goes to lift the lights up...and lo and behold...the whole thing fell apart!!!! He even asked me if I was sure they were supposed to come off, and I said yes, because why would you want those icky white things on there permanently ya know? I mean it was on the back and not visible from the front, but still why?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at myself right now. The lights still work so I guess I can just string them up around the kitchen. I don't think I can fix it back the way it was. Only me!
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I do stupid stuff like that all the time!!!
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Not sure I understand what kind of packaging they were in but that really sucks!
Sounds like something I would do.

They will be cute strung in your kitchen though.
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At least it is the end of the year so I think you did really good if that is your blunder for the year. Sorry about the lights. Sometimes the way things are packaged are just plain stupid. You wonder what the designers were thinking. (or were they thinking at all?)
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