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got dad a puppy

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I was in the looking for a puppy for my dad for christmas, and I finally got him!! YES! We went to shelters and humane societys, but never really found "the one". Untill I met "Duke". He's from a litter of pups from a local guy that had some puppies. We wanted this one other dog from a humane society, but the lady said "we dont do Christmas present puppies", and then My mom kind of yelled at her, and so, we didnt end up getting that one.

I was going to give the pup to him on Christmas, but then my mom got to thinking that it might be stressful for a puppy to come on christmas, due to all the people, and stress. So, he got the pup today. He loves him!! YES!

Yesterday, I asked him if he was going to be home today so that I could give him his present early, and he said "why?" and I said, "just because I think it would be better" and he said "it's a puppy isnt it?" LOL! I was like "no WAY!, Why the heck would I do that? Geeez!"

So then I had to think of way to make it seem like he wasnt getting a dog, So I brought him a Chia Pet (LOL) for christmas, while the little pup was sleeping in the car. And I was like "I had to bring this early because I wanted you to start growing it, so everyone could see it at christmas!" (Just something I would do) He was very thankful for the Chia pet, and then he went and started to grow it, and I brought the dog in....He had the happiest look on his face!

Just wanted to share the first part of my day...lol...I should really do one of those blogging things. I talk talk talk. That's me. heh.
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Leah, what a wonderful Christmas story!! And I love the Chia pet ploy - that was so clever, and ahhh, how sweet - your dad took you seriously & got the Chia pet started! But, where at the PICS! You know how much we love PICS at TCS!!!
And, IMO, the lady at the humane society was unreasonable, because a thought-out decision for a Christmas pet is not the same as EMOTIONAL adopting, such as happens when a pet is featured in a news story.
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The pics are comming. He was taking pics like crazy, but the little pup just couldnt sit still. lol. He's alot of fun.

The lady at the humane society was mean about it too. Because I told her that he would like nothing better than a puppy for christmas. We sent in the application and everything, and then they called to schedule a home visit, and my mom asked that they come while my dad is at work....and that's when the lady said that wasnt possible. And my mom explained to her that this puppy was a christmas present, and the lady said "no way, we dont do christmas present puppies"

I was also furious. It's like I dont understand why they wont do that. Wouldnt they rather have the $250.00 adoption fee, than have to pay the $50 bucks to put the poor thing to sleep? It really bugs me. My Dad is a GREAT puppy father, the best in my eyes. He treats this puppy like it's his baby. I just dont understand it.
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What a great gift! And, what kind of dog?
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I know that a lot of places discourage "Christmas puppies" because its usually a sort of spur of the moment idea, and the puppy isn't wanted later, but surely exceptions could be made in something like your case, especially since the puppy was going to an adult and not a child like most Christmas present puppies!

But that having been said, congrats on the new puppy, and we can't wait for pictures!
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First- Where are the pictures of your new bundle of joy? and second- what kind of puppy did you get?

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He is a little Yellow Labrador retriever. He's 8 wekks old... and he already fetches!! He's so cute. My mom said he's been taking pics all night. hehe

Im going to call her now and have them send me some over e-mail...I'll have pics in a few minutes! (if i can figure out how to post them!)
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Well I called and My Dad is asleep with the puppy on the floor.

So After a while I will have pictures.
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Aw, how sweet. Labs are lovely dogs. My dd's first sitter had a yellow lab. I have so many memories of him laying between our daughters, with a toy in his paws, playing with them. He is getting old now, but still is a gentle boy with kids, while being protective, too.
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Oh I love happy stories like that!
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I love the story and glad that your dad likes his new puppy...
But I will be the old curmudgeon here and advocate to all else to not buy or get a puppy from a "local guy" who simply has a litter.
This simply facilitates backyard/irresponsible breeding..

Rant over...

Enjoy the puppy....
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