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Daily thread Thurs March 15th

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Good morning all

Boy 530AM always seems to get here so fast! I am hoping today is as nice as it was yesterday. It was in the mid 40's and the sun was shining. I think that is wishful thinking though. I dont think winter is ready to let go yet. I know I have a busy day ahead and I havn't even started yet. After work I get to finish cleaning my house. I just keep chanting...it's almost Friday!!! Hope everyone is off to a good day!!
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Happy Thursday all. I had to get started early today at 6am. Believe me that's early. I usually don't have to get up until 8am to be to work by 9am. But I had a meeting today. Ahh... it's only 10am and I need a nap already.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am really excited about that. Does anybody have a St. Patrick Day Plans? Hope everyone has a terrific day!
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No plans except to cook a large pot of corned beef, cabbage, onions and new potatoes. I gave up drinking about 3 yrs. ago. (same time I quit smoking) I don't advise anyone to give up botbh at once, but with The Lord Jesus' help I made it thru. . . I decided to spend the time and funds I used to spend smoking and bar-hopping on being able to have more and healthier cats. It was worth it! I occasionally have a few glasses of wine or champagne (New Year's), but I do miss a good-sized Johnny Walker Red on the rocks. . . . .but then my Bookey Baby comes in and waltzes around thru my legs and it's more satisfing than the booze. Threeleggedkat.
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That is fabulous. Congratulations on giving up smoking and drinking!! The kitties probably love you even more for it!!
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Hello everybody.
It is me, Alpha, Anne's husband. I wanted to tell you that my parents have just returned from a two months trip in India! Boy they are cool parents - they are 70 years old and have been traveling for such a long time in (sometimes) very poor conditions. I think their backpacks were about 25 pounds each!

I think we will go to sleep now, It is about 22hr and I got up at 5:15

Anne is also very tired and asked me to appologize for her and let you guys know that she is sorry for not posting tonight
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I posted this in the SOS, but I thought that I'd share it heare in the daily thread to:

I am asking that everyone now turn their attention to writing emails and calling if possible, Time magazine and CNN (Ironically, they are both owned by the same company). Below is a sample of what I have emailed. Feel free to adjust and copy as you see fit.

Greetings. I am writing you in regards to a story that I feel needs to be told on behalf of people and pets everywhere. It is a tragic story and one where justice might escape the accused because he is a member of law enforcement and, apparently, there has been some effort to alter evidence which may incriminate him. This is a story that should be focused on further still because of the broader remnifications of animal abuse. I feel that only a prestigous news orginization such as yours can give this story it's proper due.


On September 29, 2000, a man illegally trespassing behind the private home of Denice Baltrons with two German Shepherd dogs (illegally UNLEASHED) let his dogs run down and attack Ms. Baltrons cat Max. Max tried to defend himself, He may have scratched one dog, this enraged the man and he ran down a seven-foot incline and beat her cat to death with a golf club.

He then picked up a rock and beat him in the head. During this brutal attack, Max tried to get away by climbing a fence possibly because his nails were all broken off and bloody. Two people that have come forward that have witnessed this attack. A tuft of the dog's fur
was found and tested by an independent lab and found to be that of a single dog profile. The man was identified the next day. When Denice asked him about it he threatened to hit Ms. Baltrons with the golf club, he admitted to her that he had killed the cat.

Apparently, the witnesses in the attack gave a description to the police of the accused, Mr. James Lacey, Sr., a Juvenile Parole Officer in Sacramento, California. Now, their affirmation of him as the person involved has been mysteriously erased from the police report and an unidentified officers signature has apparently released the murder weapon back to the accused.

This is not just a story about animal cruelty or justice for it or about police corruption, but one in which EVERY person should be made aware and it deserves the proper investigation of a prestigous news orginization such as yours.

I am suggesting a feature on Max the cat's story and of animal abuse in general. In many years of watching your news programs I have yet to see one that discusses this type of
material and it is something that I feel needs to be brought to the publics attention.

Please contact me for further information and I can supply contact numbers/emails for those involved in this particular case.


Of course, I had to reword it slightly for going to Time Mag, but it, essentially, says the same thing.

Here's some contact info., however, I feel that these aren't the best way to get the fastest results, but I assume that my cathorts might have some better ideas (especially you
Donna, since you work in a print news environment).

daily@timeinc.net Letters to the editor

jennifer_zawadzinski@timeinc.com Public Relations


OK ladies and gents, get the word out to everyone you know again. Lets get Max on the national news and let America hear this tragic story. Also, Denice NEEDES LOTS of people to come to the hearing for support on April 20th, so please put the word out to those you know that if they have friends in Sacramento, California, to please come to that hearing for support.

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Good evening all,

I had a very busy day. So I think I am just going to have to say goodnight and catch up on the site tomorrow. Tomorrow is hubbys 40th b day, so I will be coming home early. Hope everyones day went good!!
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