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Bach Flower Remedies

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I have a spraying cat, Leo, a 5yearold, neutered, longhaired 20 pounder. He began spraying when my mom died and I took in her cat, Tuf. Tuf stays in a different part of the house, but Leo is still threatened by him, and sprays the door near Tuf's area, and the hallway. My vet confirmed that it's territorial marking, not a physical problem. After a YEAR of this and trying to modify his behavior or reassure him, with no success, I started him on a Bach Flower Remedy for spraying cats.

Has anyone had experience with the Flower Remedies? Success? What kind of time frame can I expect?

Thanks so much!
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Wow, that's interesting. I don't have any experience with Bach flowers in cats. I know that it's used.

Have you read the article about spraying?
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Yes, that's what made me think about posting here! I think the combination of Leo's territoriality AND insecurity is making him a tough case!!
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Yes, I have used Bach Flower Essences with success. One of my guys 'requested' -- via an animal communicator -- that I start adding two different Bach Flower Essesces to his food. One was Heather: to help him not be quite so self-absorbed and chatty all the time. The other was Chicory: for separation anxiety. It took 10-14 days, or so, before I noticed a real difference, but it did work and continued to get better!

So, stick with it... a few drops in their water or their food is all that is needed per day.

On a side note, my other cat -- a notorious cord chewer -- told this same communicator that he knew of a "tan powder" that could help him stop chewing cords. The communicator told me she got the impression it was a vitamin or something because the sensation she received from my cat was a mixture that had been ground up and it smelled... well, not good.

After a good six-months of off-and-on searching the internet to try and figure out what the heck my little guy meant by "tan powder"... I found it!!!! It's called 'Doc Ackerman's No Chew Formula.' It is a combination of several herbal ingredients and, yes, it is a powder and it is tan in color!!!!!! I ordered it immediately (I think with shipping and all for me it was about $15-$16, which lasts a long time). Similar to the Bach Flower Essences, it took about two weeks or so to begin noticing a difference. After a month, we could tell a HUGE difference!!!!! As long as we keep adding 1/2 tsp. per meal to his food, we're virtually chew free!!! Just an FYI...

Good luck!

Anne Marie
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The only one I have used is the Rescue Remedy, I think it wonderful for both cats and people
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