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Litterbox for outdoor feral?

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Our little 10 year old feral porch kitty resides mainly in our front yard, and she has a little soft bed & water bowl under the bushes next to the porch, sheltered (sort of) from the rain.

She used to roam freely in our front yard and in front of the neighbors' houses on both sides, and would go poop around the side of our house in the mulch, but since the quiet older neighbor on that side moved out and some new neighbors with children moved in, I think she's afraid to go over there now. To make it even worse, the neighbors on the other side recently got a little yappy dog that they let loose in their front yard, and it frequently runs away from them and charges into our front yard.

I think our little feral girl is stressed by all this change, and now rarely leaves her 'safe' zone of the bushes and the garden right in front of our window. She's taken to defecating under the bushes where she spends a lot of her time, uncomfortably close to her little bed and water bowl. I can't move her bed over into the front garden where she often naps because it wouldn't be sheltered from the rain there.

The smell isn't pleasant for us, so I can't imagine it's nice for her. I've been trying to rake the dirt & poop out from under the bushes to try to keep her little area clean, but do you think she'd be likely to use a litter box instead if I put one out there for her?
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That's not a bad idea!! Just make sure it is covered!
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I strongly encourage the use of an outside litter box, even for ferals. I have heard that the cat litter is less likely to be contaminated with pesticides, bacteria, etc., and it does make it easier to keep your yard clean. Bless you for taking care of this little girl - you are an angel!
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I read in a Best Friends Forum response by Nathan Winograd about creating a sandbox outdoors for your feral cats to use.

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I use those plastic kiddy pools? You keep the litter off the ground, and the ferals all use the huge litter pan. Of course it has to be in a sheltered area and out of the elements.
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Sure, you can give her a litterbox. She'll probably use it, as long as it's fairly large. And if she rejects it entirely, you've only invested $5 in the project anyway.
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Thank you!

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Depending on your finances entirely, may I suggest a product
from Stabob's?

They are nice people and also make LOVELY outdoor
kitty houses AND outdoor litter boxes WITH
ROOFS! (Really cute ones) insulated, heated etc.

Check their web site out...


And for a front yard house for your kitty:

Indy Feral Shelters (40 dollars plus delivery)
might do the trick nicely...

I put mine up on a piece of plywood base
(supported by 4 blocks of wood) and then
put pine needles inside (no hay available)

Worked great for my Grey. ... might
be good for your little one?

Esp. if you "hide" the shelter behind a piece of
plywood? Just a suggestion...
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I bet she would, and it would make it easy for you to get fecal samples when you need them.
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