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My Other Cats (Lots of Pics)

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Here are my other cats

Tibs and Blue enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Poppy, another little miracle - she nearly died twice as a kitten.

Topsy, Mum to Poppy, Snowy, Pickles, Tibs and Smudge

Spook chilling out on top of my piano

Pickles looking hopeful in the kitchen

Snowy just woken up from a nap

Smudge just come in from a hunting expedition in the woodland behind our house

Salem, who's just over a year old, a rescue, given to me full of worms and fleas and suffering from malnutrition. Doesn't he look handsome now.

Chico, same age as Salem a victim of cruelty - his previous owner cut off part of his ear with a pair of scissors then bragged about it.

and that is the rest of my feline family.
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Wow; quite the family you have there! Poor Poppy, I'm happy to know she is fine now. Those cats have such a good home with you now. Aww, the stories of their past are so (poor Chico!!) depressing, makes me sick to know there are people like that . But their stories of the present with you to take care of them is hopeful and full of love and joy . Anyways ... Great pics!
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The dog's shedding her coat just now and I hadn't hoovered the carpet so take no notice of the dog hair
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Dog hair?

Lovely babies, all!
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They are sweeet!
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Yes, they've all got sweet, loving natures. Even our snakes (yes snakes) are good natured and friendly with really sweet natured. I'm a firm believer that if you treat an animal with kindness it will respond.

Our dog is a German Shepherd (Alsation) who is very protective of the cats and allows herself to be bossed around by them. They always manage to move her out from infront of the fire
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You are just full of wonderful rescue stories. They are all beautiful but Salem is just striking!
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Awww, all of your babies are just beautiful!!!
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Oh poor Chico's story makes me want to cry! Poor sweet baby! Thank goodness you resuced him! He just looks so peaceful and reserved in his picture! I love his pink nose too!
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they all look so sweet....poor chico and poppy.i am glad they are all better now
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Here's another pic of Salem

I love this pic. Hard to believe just over a year ago, he had several visits to the vet because our vet was so worried about him. He was 10 weeks old when he was given to me by a neighbour who can't look after her kids never mind a kitten, we was the size of a 6 week old. He was so full of fleas I could feel them running over my hand through his fur. I always keep Frontline Spot On in the house and it was the first thing I did. The following day I booked an appointment with our vet and with good vet care and lots of TLC Salem's blossomed into a beautiful cat. He was very nervous to start with which wasn't surprising as this woman has 5 kids, ages ranging from 16 to 2. She let it slip that Salem had been thrown down the stairs a couple of times, supposedly by her youngest child Thankfully, Salem's fine now and is always purring and happy

As for that neighbour, I'm sick and tired of reporting her to the RSPCA (as have other neighbours) and they don't do anything. She has another two cats, one of which is so badly infested with fleas, he's all sores. The other cat is quite old, but isn't so bad as the other cat. A few weeks ago she got a puppy. She leaves it out all day and has left it out all night. Again I reported it to the RSPCA and they still haven't done anything about it. They're a complete waste of time in this country
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All of your babies are just so precious....but that little Chico is a heart-grabber...and he looks like quite the personality, in spite of being abused. Just a little "thrivor-survivor" is`nt he?
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