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Hi all

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I'm so very happy to have found you! What a friendly and knowledgeable group of wonderful cat lovers!

Well, let's see.... I'm an old, broken-down retired (and tired) police officer, who now lives on the banks of the Willamette River in beautiful Oregon. I'm happily owned by five cat-daughters and one wife, Gloria.

Our sweety cats are all rescues. Jenny, Annie, and Doña were next to be put down (as kittens) in an overcrowded "shelter." We wanted three little ones after our two sweethearts, Katie and Mittens, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge almost together. We knew the shelter was killing kittens so we simply asked to adopt the next three on the list. We didn't care what they looked like because all cats are VIFPs (very important fur-purrsons). That was eight years ago. They are wonderful, loving daughters.

The other two, Sara and Emily, were abandoned near our house. (Emily was actually seen being tossed out of a passing car!) They all stay indoors. They love each other and have made our little home one of peace and great joy.

This is getting long, so I'll stop now. I'm so excited about being a member of this site and these forums. Thanks for being there.
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Hi Gary!

sounds like you have quite a family there! You're out numbered by the females! I bet they keep you in line

Wow, a retired police officer. I have a great amount of respect for someone who spends their life inproving the quality of life for everyone else. Thank you!

hope to see you posting often! Come join us in the lounge
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Hi and welcome!

Im new here too, its a wonderful site. Stay in touch, by the way, I LOVE your kitty's names

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Hi, Gary. Welcome! What a family you have. I hope we'll be hearing about their antics soon.
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Welcome!!! You've got quite a family of cats there!!! I think it was wonderful of you and your family to adopt those 3 kittens next on the list to be put down...and not even caring what they looked like!! A true cat fiend! See you in the posts
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Welcome to the site! It is very addictive here, just be forewarned!! Your girls sound like a wonderful family, and they sure are lucky to have such a great "Dad"!

Loves to your purrballs from me and mine!
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welcome! i'm new here too. the people are so nice. you will like it. thanks for loving cats!
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Hey! Welcome to TCS! Sounds like you have quite the Family, just like me!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I'm sure you'll love it here. That was so kind of you to take in your 3 kitties when they were going to be put down. Post some pics if you can.
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I'm a little late, but I just wanted to welcome you here, Gary!!!
Glad you have joined us!
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