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Wisdom teeth :(

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Ugh. So I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago, not fun!

I had signed up to take my week of vacation from work this week so I could recouperate.. well one of my co-workers had some family trouble so I came in to work for her today but I forgot my tylenol 2's at home. All they have at work is advil and it's making me really sleepy and not taking away the pain!

I wish I was home...
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I sympathize with you! I've got to get my top 2 out, been putting it off though. So much $$$ and the whole going under for the op has me put off.
At least they're out now, and you'll be feeling better soon!
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I can't believe you are working! When I had mine out I was pretty much housebound for four days. Granted, I got dry sockets, but still! I hope you start feeling better soon.
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Im sorry you are hurting, get well soon!!
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I wish I could afford to a have my wisdom teeth removed I know how you feel with the pain - I don't have any crowns on my top two wisdom teeth at all... just the roots. But I can't afford the dental treatment I need... so I'm stuck with it. I can't believe you're at work today - you're a braver woman than I!! I hope you can get home to your painkillers soon sweetie!!
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Oh, ouchie. I know how painful that is....I had all 4 of mine out a few years ago and was thankful for Vicodin!
I hope the pain has subsided and you're more comfortable now. It'll only get better, I promise!
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Ouch. Aww, try not to count the minutes and seconds and remember you will be home soon. Hang in there!! Hope you feel better soon.
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It will feel better soon! That was sure nice of you to go into work like that!!
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I guess I was lucky to only grow one wisdom tooth, but it was impacted and removed.
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