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very old cat I just got back from college.

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Hello all, this is somewhat of a sad situation, so please stop reading if it will bother you. Just a warning it is really killing me right now.

I have a really old cat, (14 or 15 yrs old), and I just got back from college. I was gone since thanks giving. Durring thanks giving the cat was looking really good and was actully following me around and purring and loving life. Now today Im walking around trying to find my cat and he is just sleeping on the floor eyes open. He wasnt dead or anything, but super skinny, and un emotional. Normally I Would say his name and he would pop up and meow and run to me. I put him in front of his food and water, but he just stood there as if he was blind. I put my hand in front of his face and moved it twards his face and no reaction. I think he is blind. He is very skinny, throwing up green water and mushy food. He does go to the bathroom by himself, but he lays down where ever he ends up. He looks like it hurst his back hip when he walks, and it makes me very sad. I do really love this cat, and he has had a wonderfull very long life. I do not want him to suffer his last few while I am gone at college. (my family watches over him while I am gone. so he does have food and such.) He also looks like he is choking and has to swallow a lot. But doesnt throw up.

Does this sound fixable or its just time? Thanks.
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You have to get this cat to an emergency vet immediately. If it is fixeable then time is of the essence, and if not, I am sure you do not want your beloved cat to suffer more, and it sounds as if he is suffering a great deal now. It is an awful decision, but one we all owe to our companions to make on their behalf. I am sorry that it sounds as if it is time. But please find a vet.
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Heavens, yes, take him in immediately! This kitty is extremely ill! Don't wait for the regular vet to open... find a vet ER now!
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Thanks all very much, we called the vet (they know my cat alread) and said it is just time. I got to talk with my family here since I Got home last night late, and they said it has been about 5 days of just moping around, waking up with drool, no energy not eating. When the vet heard that they said it was just his time. I would like to let you all know that I do have a lot of pain from saying this and to pet your cat a few times extra for me! Thanks all.
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You are doing right by him. But it is so hard, especially to be faced with that when you get home on what should be a joyous occasion. I am so sorry.
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Oh my goodness!
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Is there nothing can be done? My 16 year old cat was seriously ill a couple of weeks ago, we didn't think she'd survive the weekend. I really thought I'd have to put her to sleep, but couldn't as I love her so much I wanted to give her a chance. My vet gave her intravenous fluids and medication for a virus she'd caught.

She is now back home with me and gaining strength and vitality every day. She owes her life to the skill of our vet and I hope she'll be with me for a long time yet.

Please do not give up hope yet - where there's life there's hope and if nothing can be done for your little cat, then let him go in peace and love.

Big hug from me from across the pond
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