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Siamese behaviour

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Not sure if this is in the right section but I figure who better then breeders to tell me how siamese cats behave, what type of personalities they have, etc. I understand that every cat has individual behaviors and such but I'm sure the breed has specific or predominant personality traits. Anyways thanks for any help.

Merry Christmas,
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I'm not a breeder, but I do have 2 Siamese cats, and have had them since childhood. From my perspective, I think they are highly intelligent and wonderful cats. I've heard the rumours that they are supposed to be mean, but none of mine, or my parent's Siamese have been mean. They have ALL been extremely loving, almost doglike in their devotion. They do tend to be chatty, or very vocal, but it's fun because it's almost like you are having a conversation with them. I think the lighter Pointed Siamese seem to be the sweetest. My Rainbow Bridge cat Snoopy was a Blue Point and he was the finest cat I've ever known. He was pure love. My little SunLee is a chocolate Point, and she's a little sweetheart as well. Shane, a Seal Point is very needy and extremely intelligent, but he can be crotchity.

Siamese don't like to be ignored, they like a lot of interaction with their humans, and they give a lot of love back. I do think Siamese tend to like one person best, in a family.
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Didn't have Siamese (have cornish rexes) but know plenty of Siamese/Oriental breeders! I've never met a Siamese I didn't like and never met a mean one either!

Siamese are oriental type - very talkative (its unusual to not be)., high energy, very intelligent - sometimes stubborn but that's cause they are so smart. They love people. Not a lot of shedding for the most part.

A Siamese in heat will wake up the entire neighborhood, so they are not good in apartments cause of their mouths They do mature quickly so you have to spay/neuter early - by 6 months. I know a breeder of Siamese that let their 5 month male kitten run with several adult females. He became a father at 7 months old! Don't underestimate a Siamese.
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I have owned siamese for years past 30 I have hadat least 3 at all times. I have 3 right now.I think they are highly intelligent and wonderful cats.Some of mine have been very Vocal and some have not. They are louder then other breeds. They are very very people oriented. They follow me around all the time. Sleep with me lay in my lap. Sleep on my shoulder all the time.
They love to play and enjoy alot of attention.Right now I have 1 Male blue point Yowdy and 2 females a seal point Jade and A Torti Point Lily.
Mine all seem to like to be warmer then the normal cat. They sleep under the covers and like being covered up! I think they have gotten a bad name as to being crotchy cats. And I haven't found that to be true. Mine are all loving and not a mean bone in there body. Well Yowdy can be a bit on the leave me alone type when he needs meds but thats all.
If your thinking about getting a Siamese. Then do you'll be glad you did.
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Thanks for your input everybody! I already have a burmilla (burmese in build and personality) so I'm so kind of concerned on how they'd get along. It seems you all have only siamese cats, are they snobs, will they except living with another breed of cat?
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My Siamese live with 2 Bengals, and my new girl Angel who just arrived Friday night. They get along with Simba just fine, although I have to say a Bengal is even MORE active than a Siamese. They don't seem to have a problem with the new girl Angel, either, although they still have to get to know her. I don't see any problem with Siamese and other breeds.
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I also have a Siamese, he is a 8 month old chocolate point.
I also have 3 other cats: a Domestic Shorthair, a Ragdoll and a Turkish Angora. The Siamese is the most people oriented, loves to cuddle, is very talkative and playfull (when he wants to play he brings a toy and when i throw it away he brings it back to me ).
Since i have him i totally fell in love with the Siamese/Oriental breed. If i ever get another cat i think it will be a Oriental or Siamese, they just adore their humans. I also like other breeds but the Siamese/Oriental is my favorite.
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