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Kaliey is absoulety Thriving.

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Hello everone how are thing with you all.
I have been supper busy with difrent thingds and havent had
A chance to really post.

Kaliey is so difrent now she no longers swats you or moves when
you go to tuch her.
She is playing with things like rop and string and milk top rings.
And her tail yes to me that is kinda crazy.
She sleeps with my son like a gaurd on duty.
She is really changing for the better her bad was are slowly goning away.
They are bening replaced with kindness like she will pull your had to be peted.
She sniffs then rubs her head for you to pet.
I never thought in my wildest dreames that sher would turn out to be so so sweet.
Oh and don't be late with dinner if you are she will come in the hall mew and
rile up the dogs.
But i find her fravert can is Fancy Feast she sockes that down whole.
She has my husband wraped in the moring if she is done with her nitly treats she will mew and rub and almost get in his ear to say hey i'm out of t's.
So he will put some dry food for her.
Can you belive A cat that was left in the hurcane with celings faling in on them would turn out so sweet.
And it only took love and understaning and some time.

Well that is the latest on our Kal Kal Or Ke Ke we have severly difrent nick names for her.

well just wanted to tuch base and say hi from me and my gang.
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Yay, Kaliey! This is so wonderful, Peggy!
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