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Taralen when she was 13 weeks old!

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Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share a few photos with you Right now I am just sorting them all out and found the perfect ones to share with you all...and I am sure you will love them!

In these photos Taralen is 13 weeks old exactly, and this is her first day at home with us. She started playing within a couple of hours of being home with us, and it was lovely to see her so happy.

Taralen is a Norwegian Forest Cat, and right now she is 9 months old...I promise I will get some up to date photos to you all soon...but for now enjoy these!

Remember, these are on image for full size!

I really hope these work, these are thumbnails to the images....I did this so you could see a good size photo of her. I hope you like them!

Look forward to hearing what you think about my beautiful baby girl, she is still so small and very sweet!

x Eva x
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Taralen, you're so precious!
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Awwww she's a gorgeous little fluff ball
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I had a cat exactly like that!
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awwww, what a cute little nibblet!
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she's just adorable - love her ear tufts!
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What a precious little girl!
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she is such a cutie........i can't wait to see up to date pics of the precious girl
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She is so fluffy and precious!
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She is just adorable!
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How cuuuuute!!!!! She is a doll.
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What a beautiful little girl!
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How absolutly adorable she is! And I love her unusual name. It reminds me of one of my grandaughters names...Taralynn...and one of my daughters has a "made up name " too....Laralie (pronounced Lara-Lee)
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Our breeder for Taralen gave her a beautiful name and we really wanted to be able to use it as it was part of thats where we got the name from....her full name is:

Maelstrom Melira Taralen

She has some beautiful cats and I must say is the best breeder we have ever come across. Taralen is a real credit to her and has lovely characteristics! We are planning to get more from here in the future. If you want to look at her site you are welcome too...just PM me. She does let her cats go all over the world and is great at organising everything and making sure everything is pefect and that the kitties are also good.

Anyway thanks for all the lovely comments and i will be back soon with some more piccies!
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I`ll be looking forward to seeing more pics of her!
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