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DT - Thursday

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Wow - no one started the Daily Thread yet! Everone must be as busy as I am... (But still have time to check in here - must have your priorities after all! )

It is gorgeous outside today, and I probably won't be able to even take my hour lunch. I guess sometimes it's better to stay inside than to go out and see what you're missing.

Hope everyone has a great day! Smile - it's almost Friday!!
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I picked up Rascal from the vet's yesterday. He was sleepy the whole way(still affected by the anastesia). When we got home, he slept in my lap while I ate and watched his teeth. I have a problem though. Do any of your cats lick where they had the surgery? How do you stop them from doing it? He keeps licking the incisions and the vet said not to. Everytime I catch him doing it, I tell him "NO!" and then move his face away from the area. Its when I sleep that he does it more. Also, the vet told me to feed him little by little so he won't throw up. Should I feed him canned food or can he still eat the hard kibble. I was thinking of mixing a teaspoon of canned with chicken broth. I let him drink.
Also the vet told me not to give him tylenol or aspirin.(Actually, I never thought about giving it to him). He seems to be doing fine, just getting over it. I can't wait to give him a bath. He smells like the clinic. I can't bathe him for ten days. At least I don't have to bring him back to take off the stitches. They are dissolvable.
So good to have him home. He is a nine pounder. I will be posting pictures of him real soon!
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So glad to hear that Rascal is doing OK. I'm not sure about the eating thing, but you may want to be careful about telling him "no" when he is licking his incision. I know and you know that it is only temporary, but you don't want him to think he is getting in trouble for cleaning himself. If his licking is excessive, you could get him one of those elizabethan collars. He'll hate it, but he won't be able to lick those stitches.
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Good day, but it is a busy one. I have already had 2 meeting today and the day is only 1/2 over! I have had more meeting in the past week then I have had in the past 6 months. It is weird how that happens. Looks like a lovely day, but I haven't been outside since I got to work at 8 - it is now 1:10. I can't wait for 4:30. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Hi all!

a bit of a busy one for me. We're off tomorrow so we have to do thursdays AND fridays work today.

wanted to pop in and say hi to the nicest folks on the net!


Sabra, how are you today?
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Hey gals, I'm just now getting a chance to check in here. What a morning I had!! ( This happened right after you called me, Colby ). My 2 year old slammed two of her fingers in my front door. OUCH! I think maybe the tips are broken, but the doc said that tehy don't "treat" broken fingers unless there is bleeding or it is the joint towards the knuckle. She has been miserable all day. I definitely can see her losing the nails for sure, they are already purple on the underside.

On a brighter note, its gorgeous here today. Nice and bright and sunny. I'm thinking of getting out the stroller as soon as my daycare kids leave and taking a walk with my two kids. Its so nice out.

Hope you all are having a great day.
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Oh no! poor little thing. That sucks As if you didn't have enough on your plate.....
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Poor baby!
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Hi ya!

Doing well today Colby, thanks for asking. I bet you're looking forward to tomorrow

I am so busy! I have to help organize the filing for some documents that have been collecting for months; I'm talking thousands here! I just don't understand why people don't file on a daily basis, it would only take 10-15 minutes a day! I would much rather do that, instead of waiting months and having it so stacked up it will take weeks to do; thus needing someone to help you (that person would be me, but I'm not helping, I've got the entire job)! It's like the saying "Your lack of planning is not my responsibility." I really don't mind helping people when they are really busy but it bothers me when I have to help because they were lazy and know don't have the time. Ah, well that's life


I don't know what it is about toddlers slamming their fingers in doors. I was 3 when I did it. The door slammed right on the knuckles of my index and middle finger. Nothing broke but it cut so far down you could see the bone. I had to get stitches. I think it's wierd the doctor said not to bring her in. Usually with a child that small it doesn't matter and they want to see them anyways to make sure everything is okay. He's right about the knuckle thing though! When I was in High School I broke my pinky and ended up having to go to an orthopedic to have it set because I broke it on the knuckle. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Can you give her any children's advil to help with the pain? Poor little angel

I hope everyone has a great day. I will be at work tomorrow but things should be pretty slow which will be nice!
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Hey all!
I have to get ready for work tonight(YUCKY!) and I am not even lucky enough to get easter off or any day this weekend..BUMMER! oh well I guess i am happy that the crew that have kids will be off and spending time hunting easter eggs and fun things like that.
Beautiful day out today! and many more to come!!!!!!!
have a great night everyone!!!
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The reason they didn't want to see her is cause she is able to move it. And its the very very tip, like where the nail is, so the nurse said 99% of the time the nail will fall off and there is nothing they can really do for it.
I thought it was broken cause it is quite swollen and reddish purple. But she is not complaining anymore, and she is using it so it must not hurt.
But, it was sure scary!!!!! This is her first real "boo boo".....she's never had an ER visit for any accidents yet, so today really scared me!!!!!!!!

Thanks for everyone's concern. You are all so caring!!!!!!!!!
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Working swing shift, through Sunday. Opie got up early (for him) at 10.30. He's, definitely, Bill's cat. He meets Bill, at the door, every day and, as long as Bill is sitting down, Opie's on his lap. We get about half an hour, together, when I'm on this shift. That'll make the cat happy - no competition!
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I'm checking in a little late today as I see others have too. Its been pretty quiet here at work today and I assume that it will be even quiter tomorrow since alot of people won't be at work because of Good Friday. I wish I had the day off tomorrow. Snif snif. Well I am going to go back to reading my book. I can't put it down! (Melody-by V.C.Andrews) this is the first book in a series of 5. Have a good Easter everyone!
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Spooky, I used to read V.C. Andrews years ago. Flowers in the attic was sooooooooooooo twisted. Maybe that's why I liked it and the subsequent books so much?
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I used to read V C Andrews too. I would get so wrapped up in the story, I could finish the book in less than a weekend.

It was a nice day here. I had a few errands to run. Picked up my daughter late at school and got a lecture but I couldn't help it - I wasn't coming from home and I got lost in the back roads! Went to library story hour and let her fall asleep in my lap on the sofa. She prefers to do that, but most weekdays it takes her too long and it isn't a good idea.

Sparky has become a lap cat. He actually sits on the arm or back of the sofa, but he touches me or lays across me and purrs and purrs. It's so nice to be loved by my fuzzy boy.

Daniela, I'm so sorry about your little one. That must have been heart-stopping! I'm a little surprised they didn't want to put a splint on, but since it's so near the tips . . . I hope she is feeling better soon

How nice that Rascal is home and safe.
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Sorry, I really AM a little late in this thread (its now Tuesday... hahah) But I just wanted to say..... Flowers in the Attic was sooo twisted - but sooooo good!!! Hahaha.... AP I totally agree...that must be why I went on to read the next 250 in the series!! hahaha
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Flowers In The Attic was the First V.C. Andrews book that I read...I couldn't believe how twisted and sick it was! But I read the rest of the Dollanger series and I've also read the Cutler Series. Now I am reading the Logan series. I love V.C. Andrews books! Has anyone else read some of her books?
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