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Cat tree questions...

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I'm thinking about getting a cat tree for my kittens. They all seem to run about $100 so I'll have to save my money. I was just wondering if any of you could tell me where a good place to buy one is,what to look for,etc.And,do they really use it? I don't want to spend $100 and have it just be a livingroom decoration
What about getting a used one?My concern is...maybe I'm being paranoid,but what if the previous owners cats had a disease and it could be passed through the cat that ridiculous? Or if it had fleas,could the fleas/wormies be on the carpet on the cat tree? If you guys don't think any of that is a concern maybe I'll look or advertise for a new one.
Also, any warnings or words of wisdome in getting or using a cat tree you want to pass along? Is there one style a cat might like over another style?
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I personally would not get a used cat tree, you can get great deals on ebay. I purchased mine from You do have to pay for the shipping, but both of my cat trees are over 6 feet tall and I paid around $115 for each of them, including the shipping.

Here is a picture of two of the cat trees I have, you can not see the bottom of them, but as you can see that are really large.
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Ours use the one we got them. They love it! I got mine here in Korea though so I am no help to you.
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I also bought my cat tree from Amarkat, and the boys and I love it! I think I paid about $50 for mine.
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the cat tree was the best buy i have ever made for them!
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walmart sells simple cat trees for around 50 bucks-- They arent the best or prettiest but they definatly work. Mine goes from floor to ceiling and PB is always scrambling up the top and trying to get as far up as he possibly can. It was worth the money. Id like to get a more better one with cubbies and dangly toys and such and hope to in the next year or so. ( we are moving in a couple of weeks to TX so that idea was out for this christmas) When i do get mine ill probably order from armarkat off ebay as well.
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I just won 2 off of ebay made by the same seller the other posters got theirs from. I got a larger one and a med sized one. BOTH came up to $78 and that includes shipping!!! Smaller one is 44 inches, larger is 66 inches

Let me try and post a pic, i havnt recieved them yet and i wont have my kitty till Jan, but i sure will be ready lol

i hope these pics work lol
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I want to get or make a cat tree for my cat, but last time I had a look at PetSmart, they all looked so wobbly ? How do you secure your cat trees ? I am living in rented accomodation, so screwing into the ceilings isn't possible and most of the walls are made of some form of papermache, so they don't hold anything (the house was originally built as open plan, but someone has been putting up some very thin walls, to make it look

And also, has anyone tried to make their own cat tree ? I mean looking at them, they look fairly simple to make and the materials should be around 30 UK Ponds (even the bigger trees) ?
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you can make your own tree...if you are more handy than i! i got my last one at ebay for $71 including shipping - it's 6 feet tall... you can see it here. i also have one i got at petco for about $45 - pic here - & a very modest one here - can't remember what that last one cost. the thing is, they use all 3 of them! i have them in 3 different rooms.
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I got mine from Armarkat too. Alex loves it and is up there all the time. Cleo is less fond of it, but will climb it occasionally. You can get your cats interested in their tree by sprinkling some catnip on it. I had my cats chase the cat dancer up and down the tree so they realized it was there for climbing. I was worried about my cats not being interested in the tree too, but it turned out to be a good investment.
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Thank you for all the ideas. I finally ordered through the ebay site from Armakat(sp?). I got the exact one that luvmysphinx got...the one on the right for $88. I should be getting it any day. Can't wait.Hope they love it!
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You can also wait for Cat shows to come around, the companies that make the cat trees sell them, so it ends up a lot cheaper than store prices!
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I wouldn't get a used one either. You COULD make one, just be careful of screws and such. Maybe a handy-man or woman could help you?
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