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Vomiting after spay/neuter?

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PB got speutered thursday morning aroud 1130 am-- He was lethargic all day yesterday ( i expected that but has been lethargic all day today. He hasnt eaten any solid food ( canned only) but has licked some gravy off his food this morning. I just put down some fresh food and he promptly vomited it up within 5 minutes-- he then ran from it and did even sniff it-- Is this normal? All the animals i have ever had spayed/neutered have never been lethargic for more than 24 hours or so and NONE have ever vomited food. He is drinking water although its not an abnormal amount. the vet who did the speuter is on vacation this weekend and everyone at his office is telling me its ok and if he is still vomiting tuesday to bring him in. SHOULD I BE CONCERNED? we have no emergency vets here and our regular vet is also on vacation in colorado ( ughh wonderful timing). The vet school in a neighboring town has emergency service but requires a $500 deposit in cash when we come in regardless of if the animal stays or not. With all that has happened in the last few weeks we really really dont have that much money except what is in our budget for food & diapers for the rest of the month. As long as he is drinking and not vomiting water and eating some of the gravy will he be ok for the rest of the weekend? I realize what a danger it is if a cat doesnt eat for several days but if he is getting water and some nutrition from the gravy on his food will it decrease the risk? I dont trust the other vets in our area due to their dishonest & unethical practices/behaviours. Hes still really clingy and laying on me plus hes been biting at his stiches although his stiches are not inflamed or raw or even red. I try to correct him when i see him biting at them.

Help please!
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did he eat the food really fast? sometimes they vomit it up if they eat too fast...
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he seemed to eat it with his normal speed-- not fast and not slow-- just normal-- he didnt gobble it down by any means-- i thought about that too but i dont think so
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He could have been fed to much and combined with the meds they use his stomach might be upset. How is he acting now?
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I was going to ask a similar question - how long has it been since his surgery? They told me to go easy on the food with Chay for about a half-day afterwards because the anesthesia would make his stomach more delicate. Good vibes and prayers that PB feels better very soon!
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Hes doing ok this morning-- still a bit lethargic--- its been almost a full 3 days since his speuter ( 1130-45 am today will be a full 3 days since his speuter). He finally ate a little bit just a bit ago and kept it down. Hes still not back to his normal self-- he slept on my face last nite curled up around my nose i guess so he wouldnt suffocate me. Hes walking around more this morning though. I hope thats a good sign. He seems better by far- is back to kicking most of the litter out of the one uncovered shared box (beavis is too big to get into the top entry box and wont go into the covered box too much). I think he may be ok-- If he does anything else out of the ordinary Ill at the least call the vet school to see what they say.
As far as meds to put him down when they did the speuter it was Acepromazine and Ketamine. Those SHOULD be out of his system now i would think.
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I'm glad to hear he's doing better! We'll keep sending good vibes and prayers!
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I'm glad he's better!

When your vet gets back, be sure to let him know what happened, so they can make a note of it. Some cats don't tolerate anesthesia as well as others.
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im gonna call them when the vet gets back in town but it makes really no difference other than me remembering what happened as we are moving to Texas in about 2 weeks and we wont come back for vet care here in MS. im not driving 10+ hours to see a vet here LOL

Thanks for everyones good vibes-- I guess i need to go find the little bugger-- Hes been hiding since i pulled out the empty boxes and packing tape. (Hes scared of the noise that the packing tape makes)
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Honestly, these signs are alarming. A male cat should be completely back to normal less than 24 hours after surgery. Something is wrong and he needs to see a vet right away.
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PB had both a spay and an internal neuter ( his testicles had not dropped) not just a neuter-- He had a uterus and one ovary and both testicles. I attribute some of his condition to a longer/more extensive surgery. He seems fine now-- is eating and playing like normal again.

My son insists that we call PB a HE not a she or it. So its just habit to call him a "he".

Thank you all for your concern and suggestions--
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Ah, that makes more sense. It's not unusual for a cat to take a couple of days to get back to normal after a spay, which is basically what he had.

I think his name ought to be Pat. Or Chris.
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