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I found a perfect collar for a kitten!

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So, I was in the pet store today & found the perfect collar for a kitten. Lily is 15 weeks & doesn't fit into any of the break away collars I have tried. I had a buckle collar on her because she likes to try to dart out the door. Well, today in the pet store I asked about a good collar for a kitten. I was told there wasn't any good one. They were all too big. I looked at every collar they had & finally gave up on finding one to fit Lily. I was looking at dog collars when a lady walked up next to me & picked out a collar for her Chihuahua. DUH! A toy dog collar! It fits Lily perfect! It adjusts from 6-8". When she is fully grown, she might still fit in this collar.

Just wanted to share this info. I thought I read somewhere that someone else here couldn't find a collar to fit their kitten.
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I got collars for Red and Blue (now 12 weeks old) at Menards. They are big, but the perforations run all the way along the collar, so they will fit any cat, however tiny. My concern about using a dog collar is that it won't have the breakaway area. Twice already, Blue has caught her collar around one front leg, and I am glad it has the stretchy area so she is not injured.

Another plus about the little kitty collars I got are that they have little jingle bells on them. It is really fun to hear the babies running around jingling. And I think Festie believes Blue is her own personal cat toy, bells and all!
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just be careful and don't let her get caught on anything she might "hang" herself. I was actually lucky and found collars that were also 6-8' and they were kitty collars that had the elastic piece in them so that they could stretch. I found them at WalMart.
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The big plus to this one is that it is a break away. I tested it in store to be sure that is would break away if necessary. As far as the buckle ones, Lily finally got smart enough to get them almost all the way off.

I looked in Wal Mart the last time I was there & bought a breakaway collar. It is too big for Twitch & too big for Lily. It says 8-12"(same size as the one Twitch has now), but it is to big. There is a little extra section that makes it longer, so it doesn't fit. I am going to ask someone when I go into Pet Expo on Wed. If they don't have anything like that, I will ask in Wal Mart. I like the idea of a stretchy band & the break away clasp.
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