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cats and color?

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Okay, weird question here, but do cat's see color or are they color-blind? A lot the toys I see are brightly colored, especially the feathery ones, so I was just wondering. Not sure this is really a behavior question, but I didn't know what else it was!
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They cant :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: be colour blind, the darn things-I own 2 sets of identical cotton sheets, one solid dark blue, and one white. Whenever I put the blue set on, the gray cat slept on them. When I changed to the white,only my black cat would sleep on them. When I got a white sofa, the black cat immediately claimed it despite never wanting to sleep on any sofa I had before. The gray cat would seek out any black clothes that were lying on the floor or bedroom furniture or in the laundry basket or open dresser drawers-she would ignore coloured or white clothes. The black cat went for sleeping on the clean white bath towels in the towel basket-I had no luck at all for a while, not a single piece of clothes or furniture was safe from one of them. you should have seen the fights that broke out when I was given a beautiful white blanket for my bed and put it on over my blue sheets. My orange cat pretty much slept on anything that didn't move, and he shed just by walking around. If I had had a white cat I'm sure she would have gone for my burgundy or green clothes.
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I once read an article in Cat Fancy magazine that said that cats are red-green color blind. Red actually looks brownish to them, while green looks almost whiteish, according to this article.

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I'm red-green color blind, and there are certain colors/shades that are very troublesome. I think you have it backwards Seppolina, light "reds" like pink look white, and dark greens appear to be brown. Personally the most trouble comes from very dark or light colors (they don't have to be red or green).

I'll share some things that people seem to find amusing. I always have to ask if the white shirt I'm buying is in fact white, because I've bought a pink shirt one too many times. I can't see pink highlights on paper, I was very perplexed when I got home and looked at the notes I was highlighting to seem the highlighting had "vanished". Those are only a few, ahh the joys of slowly realizing you're color blind.
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Cats can see some colors - not as well as a human but more then a dog. I think they can see reds (can't remember what other colors).
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They can see some color, but not as well as most humans.

Even if they were completely color blind, they would still see pretty much like we see a black and white movie. They could still tell the difference between black, white, light, and dark colors.

I swear one of my cats prefers pink. Not red. Pink. I had to replace her pink fluffy feather toy with an IDENTICAL pink fluffy feather toy. She looked at me like I was crazy when I brought another color!
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that is sooo funny!!! i think cats can see color because my raja only goes for red cat teasers, i just posted that thread today!! another person responded saying their cat only goes for blue and green... that makes sense why they would show preference to these colors because they stand out!! i guess i'll stick to red, blue, and green toys!!!
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