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Ice skating anyone?

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Our irrigation pipe exploded last night and burst. It is way out in the second pasture, so it wasn't discovered until just a bit ago. I noticed the horses sliding around back by the creek so I went back to see what was up. The water is frozen coming out of the pipe and cascading on the ground. It looks kind of cool. I am all out of ice skates, but the horse are barefoot so they shouldn't really slip to bad. I did sprinkle some cat litter on the ice to take off the sliding factor, but now we are having an ice storm- which is incredibly unusual for this part of Oregon
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Wow, that sounds like it looks neat. It is above freezing here, and it is unfair. I want some ice!
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Oh that sounds cool looking! Not a good thing to happen (the pipe bursting) but the ice sculpture sounds cool. My grandpa has pictures he took up by the camp my family used to own in the Adirondacks. One of our nieghbors (who my grandpa knew) lives(d) up there year round. In the winter he would take his hose daily and eventually make a high pillar of ice. Then he'd shine different colored lights on it at night. The pictures are very very pretty!

We used to 'skate' in our boots and snowpants when I was a kid if we had icy roads. I never could ice skate very well, but I could slide with the best of em in my boots. I loved running and then sliding on my knees in my snowpants too.
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I can't ice skate....my legs usually spread and I do the splits and down I go!
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That must be quite a sight MA - I remember being in Florida a couple of years back when they had a cold winter - we were there for Christmas. We drove through the orange groves and the irrigation pipes were just a frozen mass of sprinkling water; it was very pretty.

Hope it won't be too much trouble getting the pipe fixed.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I can't ice skate....my legs usually spread and I do the splits and down I go!

I used to be able to skate alright, but I haven't been for 3-4 years.. so I think I would probably do the smae thing
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sounds like you're having real fun - eep! I went skating last night.... loved it!
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any pictures, MA? sounds puurty!
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I enjoy going ice skating, but I'm not too good at it though.
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I can't skate at all. I'm sorry about your pipe Hissy.... but the sculpture sounds pretty... and I agree... where's the picture?
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