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Something is up with Photobucket, so when I resize my pics then copy/paste the image code onto my post then preview it, the pic does not get any smaller at all! I have tried refreshing the page, resizing it several times, and logging out then logging back in. I am so frustrated!!! Are there any other ways to resize pictures? Help!
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Can you put the link in a post? I'm wondering if the picture is caching on your machine so it is not reloading.
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There also is a free program available that you can resize before uploading. Picasa - specific directions are here.
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Thank you--well, that's what I've been doing for about a month, posting a link in a post, and I've only ever posted one pic in a post before, I'm new to this. So I kinda want to actually learn to post it directly. Oh, I have no idea if it has anything to do with my computer. I will try going to the link you posted. Thanks for your help!!
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I have the same problem. Are there any other providers than photobucket?
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