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kitten gets bord of toys

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my kitten is getign bord of her toys i got her more last week but she dosnt like them she did at first but not now what do u think i should buy her. she has lots of balls things with bells i dont,like her with feathers becuz she steals the toys runs off takes the feathers out .

got any ideas?
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My kitten is very picky with toys as well. I find it's best to stick with one or two toys a week and put the others up in a cabinet. You definitely have to be inventive and sometimes mimic prey so you can capture the interest of your kitty.

Seth's absolute favourite is the Cat Dancer Toy and her second favourite is a feather fishing pole toy. She also has two small plush toys (a little blue mouse and white pig) which are her babies that she plays with when we aren't around (well, we peeked ) and keeps in her sleeping area.

Just be creative and keep trying until you find something that sparks your kitty's interest!
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I keep half the toys hidden away and every few weeks rotate them..
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i bought this thing with a ball in it and it gos around inside everytime she hits it my other cat likes it to but she will only look at hit and hit it once
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I rotate my toys and actually have a kitty toy exchange going with my mom and s/o's mom (we all have healthy cats and aren't worried about anything being shared) as some of the toys can be expensive.

We have one of those battery powered rat-thingys, a plastic donut with the ball inside, and a door hanger toy that has a mouse hanging on an elastic toy. Kanoe and Toulouse get bored with toys too but by rotating them and keeping them fresh they play more. Actually hiding the toy in a drawer for a couple weeks makes it brand new when it's brought out again. Kanoe does pull all the feathers out of her toys, but then they become her favorite.

Also, changing how a toy is played with can help. Take the ball out of the donut every once in a while, tie a string on a mouse's tail and drag it around..... also, I found the simpler the toy, the more they like it.
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Rotating toys, as Kaleetha suggested, is a good way to keep a cat from getting bored. If a toy has been put away for several weeks, bringing it back out is little getting a new toy.
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My 5 month old kitten is a sucker for those little fury mice...with the thin tails (not the one that are like strings...picky, I know!)

Other than that a large furry mouse for her to pounce on and grab etc., with a few balls/bells for her to bat around in my medium sized apt.
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I bought a package of spring like toys in Wal Mart about a month ago. They are by far lily's favorite toy. She will even retrieve them to get me to throw them for her. She goes bonkers over those silly springs!
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thanks im going to put some toys away for a week or more then then switch with the ones i had out and im going to buy her a little cat tree .
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you can find cat trees very cheap on ebay. The only problem with that is the shipping cost. But you can find an awesome cat tree for cheap, and then just pay the 30 bucks or whatever for shipping.

I think it is well worth it...now if only I had an ebay account.

Also, I also switch toys every other week or so. As I do the same with my 2 year old. It works great! I also spray the "new" toys with catnip spray, and my kitty immediatly likes it.
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