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see my new siggy :-)

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Chris (Captiva) just made this siggy with Toby and Tedy for me!
I`ve been on hrer for over 3 months and this is my first one.
She also showed me (via yahoo messenger) how to post pictures.
You are the BEST Chris...THANKS!
How exciting and fun!!!
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Glad you like it Linda! We will have to work on another one after Christmas
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Oh HI...I did`nt know you were online.....this one is great for the winter.....snowflakes are good for more than just Christmas! :-)
I love it!
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Oh, it's absolutely beautiful! Great job once again, Chris!! Those are nice choices of pics of your babies Tedy and Toby, too, Linda. How exciting, a new siggy.
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Looks very nice. Great job Chris!
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Nice work, Chris! Linda, your boys are adorable.
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Awww, that's wonderful Linda! Nice work Chris!
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Look at beautiful Toby and Tedy in their new siggy! Wonderful, Linda! Great work, Chris!
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Thats brilliant! Now we can see Toby and Tedy everytime you post!
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Great pictures of your kitties , Linda and great work, Chris!
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YAY! I think it's fantastic!!!
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I love it!
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It's very pretty, I like the pastels.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I love it!
Me too, great job!
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Great Siggy and what cute furbabies!
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very nice!
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