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Is she part persian?  

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I just got a new kitten, snd shes so cute...but im kinds wondering what breed she is. She looks like she is part persian. When she was running, she kinda ran like a persian, the way they are low to the ground, have the illusion that they have very short legs, and her back end was lower then her front end, well looked like it anyways...she ran the way Sassy did on Homeward bound....and shes a himalayan im pretty sure. but Molly is all orange with white throughout her whole body. Heres some pics!

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she is lovely... she is a beautiful red/ cream longhair
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To me, Molly looks like a medium or long hair domestic long hair. Whatever she is, she is absolutley adorable!!
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i agree - she's a lovely, apricot DLH [domestic long hair].
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Originally Posted by laureen227
i agree - she's a lovely, apricot DLH [domestic long hair].
thank you... for the color correction
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not so sound rude but who cares! SHES BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make me want to snuggle and kiss her all over lol
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Originally Posted by sharky
thank you... for the color correction
i wasn't correcting you - i just think it's fun to find new names for all the beautiful colors our babies come in! i saw a cream classic tabby kitten once - he was so beautiful! scarcely any difference between his tabby markings & his base coat...sort of a cream & salmon combo.
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Without knowing her parents...it would be impossible to say that she has any persian in her.

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Without having a pedigree, your lovely little sweetie is a domestic long-haired mixed breed cat.

As per the Forum guidelines, I am now closing this thread.
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