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Warning this is a rant... About holiday shopping idiots

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As some of you know I work many merchandising jobs .... Since this is my line of work I have to go out in public alot during the holidays.... I have noticed people getting ruder and nastier year after year.... I have to ask why ... ?? and does anyone else notice this??
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i was just out a little bit ago and fiancee and I were commenting on how rude and impatient people are -- on the road and in the stores. I came close to getting in a car accident twice tonight becuase of people in a hurry, and then in the stores all these people were complaining about the lack of cashiers. It irks me how impatient people are. Just enjoy the season and take a breather.
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I said 'other'. Yes, I do see people getting VERY mean and aggressive and greedy during the holidays. Especially, of course, at the stores with all the sales and "black friday" and all that. But, outside the stores, many people are very nice during Christmas. Like, at my church, everybody is very nice and during our holiday party and at events like caroling. And people are in the "Christmas Spirit" at this time of year, so many people give to charities and things.
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I voted yes, but with a clause. A Santa Clause of course!

You remember the bad ones more than you do the good people. So while there are grinches out and about, and that number probably is increasing, there are more people who go about their business enjoying the season and the shopping and everything. I was at a LOT of different stores today, and everyone I dealt with was very pleasant - cheerful even.
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Oh I remember several rude customers in detail from working retail. What made it better was when coustomers after them would sympathetically joke about the rude one that had been in front of them. Lately I try to shop when I know it will be a little less busy. Like I hit walmart's toy department at midnight a few weeks ago. The only people I had to deal with were the people stocking.

I try to be extra nice to the cashiers and people working. I try to remember what it was like when I was working a retail job for a small amout of pay. Not that I make that much now, but minimum wage was much worse! There will never be enough cashiers in a store. It's like how no one wants to work weekends, but everyone wants the stores to be open. For the most part anyway. That's how I tend to think of it.
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I made a rare trip into Target this morning, because I absolutely had to have anti-freeze for my car. The cashier was carrying on a conversation with a woman with a screaming brat on the other side of the register. Then she acted like I was doing something wrong because I told her I needed to get to work, could she please visit later. I wish I had time to speak to the manager, not that it would have done any good.
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Jennifer and I were in a long, narrow mall store today and we stopped to look at some merchandise. The store is rather cramped and some overstuffed jerk body-slammed Jen in the back and barreled out of the store. Would it have been THAT difficult for him to simply say "excuse me, may I get through?" Jen would have moved.

Jen exclaimed "how rude!" and the guy just kept on going. One of the store clerks commented, too. Too bad, that I couldn't move a little quicker - I'd have tripped him
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YES!!!! Since Thanksgiving I have been ran into by customers, and yelled at on a daily basis. I hate working in retail I really really do!!!
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I voted yes. For the last few weekends while i was finishing my christmas shopping it's been people pushing past like the sales had started, couples arguing, and people moaning in general as if the shopping they had to do was a chore!.

Yesterday one shop had " Rocking around the christmas tree " playing outside and i was singing away to it and it really got me in the mood even more
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Yes! People can be downright mean. It amazes me!! People can also be extra super generous. It's bizarre really, at least where I waitress it's one or the other. Either someone is rude and won't tip, or they are super nice and tip extra. Just Thursday I got stiffed by one table and another table left me $19 on a $34 check. You just never know!
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The thing I find really odd is that shoppers on Black Friday and that weekend were really nice, olmost overly nice, now they are just rude!
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In the rare event that I do wander out to shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I go out of my way to be pleasant to those around me. Sometimes it comes back my way and other times I get a snarl in return. I just smile, then laugh at those that snarl - actually makes them more angry and it serves them right!

I worked retail many years ago and one of my jobs was to train all new employees for Christmas, then once trained, walk around the store and handle customer problems. People were rude back then and I don't see them getting any worse now. Christmas is such a stressful time of year for most people and it puts them in a grumpy frame of mind. I just do my best to avoid it all.
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I try to get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, or buy online, because I know I react grumpily to the overheated, overcrowded stores.
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Rudeness is becoming more and more prevalent these days. Makes me sad but what can you do but ignore them.
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The rudeness is everywhere. I had to go into town to pick my Mom up from the hospital and folks were blocking intersections because they "had" to get through the light. (And it sure didn't help that I was PMS'ing! )
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I don't know if its a seasonal thing or a crowd thing. For instance, in stores that are very crowded, I do seem to find more rude people.
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I think it has to do with greedy people having to spend money!
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I've always seen just the opposite around the holidays. People seem to be kinder, warmer, and happier. It probably depends on how you interpret the situation. This time of year always makes me cherrier, so things don't bother me as much--other people's issues, that is.
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i think some people are nicer and some ruder.. or a combo of both. I am a lot nicer and friendlier but if you cut me off around christmas I cuss you out much worse than any other time of the year! I think it's holiday stress..
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Oh, yes, and I'm ashamed to admit sometimes I'm one of them. I don't go Christmas shopping and I don't take part in a consumer Christmas....celebrating it the way we've been doing it in this country is just a creation of merchandising to sell more stuff that people don't really need and often don't want. It's got nothing to do with what Christmas is really about. It's about profits...profits...profits. This is no's just stress....stress....stress.

So having to wade through hordes of shoppers and standing in long lines at checkouts just to run routine shopping errands is a real trial of my patience. Sometimes it wears thin. I try to postpone what I can until after Christmas.

And I did work retail once, long ago, so I know what it's like on the other side. It's as much of a zoo on that side, too. All in all, I'd prefer celebrating Christmas like it was celebrated a hundred years ago. That's something I'd find enjoyable.

Apologies for my private rant. I feel better now.
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Yup! We were waiting at a book store the other day to collect a couple of items we had put aside, and had been standing there for a while, when a new cashier came to the counter and said, `Who's next please?'. Before either of us could so much as open our mouths a woman barged up to the counter next to us and said, `I'd like to take this one - on my Visa please' and just shoved her card in his face. We looked at her open-mouthed, and she KNEW she was pushing in, so she refused to look at us, and had this, `Well, so what I'm in a hurry' look on her face.

I wish I had've said, `Actually, we were next in line' to the man, but we were too stunned to respond! I couldn't believe it I would NEVER be that rude no matter how much of a rush I was in.
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