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yet another species intro ??

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I have had cats and dogs my whole life and never come accross one that hadnt been with the other species...

Thanks to Pats loving care for a stray in her yard ... I soon will have a cat Frankie( love that name) ... Frankie is shy and skittish and possible never seen or been around a dog before ...

What do I need to do ...?? I have a yorkie who is 8 years old and loves cats( a bit too much for some of the neighborhood kitties)... How do I introduce them...???

I will have Frankie in the "office" when she first comes till she and Zoey get to know one another ... Zoey is so social I atticipate this being 24-48 hours ... Trouble is Zoey is Gigi little sister and they are hard to separate... So I ask for all advice as I am lost ... Zoey was allowed to roam the shelter we got her from due to being social so this wasnt a concern she came in and said hi I am the new kid who are you
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Let frankie be well acquinted with the meeting room before meeting. See also there are places to escape and hide. A idea may be feliway too.
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What about using the Yorkie's blanket & toys to get her aquainted with the scent?
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its good that your yorkie is used to cats that will make it a whole lot easier.

when frankie sees that he doesnt hurt the other cats it should be a little easier.
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