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little rescue Skye

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So I was trying to help a random person I know of that is looking to adopt a kitten to keep his cat company and I look on petfinder and find what seems like a perfect one, plus she is 5 minutes down the road. So I emailed and talked to her and was assured that the kitten is healthy and about 4 months old and I went today to pick up "Skye".

The crummy house I pulled up in front of gave me a bad feeling from the start. I knocked and a 12 year old or so kid answered and stuck his hand with little Skye in it through the screen. Didn't let me in or say much of anything except "uh enjoy the kitten". I right away noticed her right eye was goopy and half shut, her thrid eyelids are covering half her eyes, and she is sneezing and COVERED in fleas. I knew there was a $10 fee for her but I also knew I was going straight to the vet so I didn't say anything but thanks and walked away.

She has a UTI obviously and conjunctivitis, the vet gave me advantage to put on her after I pick all the fleas off with Dawn dish soap. She got Triple Eye Ointment, amoxi liquid, 2nd dose of wormer for in a few days....rggg all this and she was supposed to go to her new home today. I can't give her away yet! geesh, I have to keep this tiny little girl in a cage in my bathroom, cuz I have an apartment full of 7 cats, I might have other cats coming from a guy who is moving and going to euthanize them, and my family thinks I am nuts for getting myseld involved in these type of things!

I just tell them hey this is what I do! haha

Anyway Skye is a beautiful little Siamese bundle of purr. When I picked all the fleas off she curled up in my lap and fell asleep. She is beautiful and I am hoping she picks up a bit tomorrow. They guy who is going to get her is all waiting and ready. He has a spare room all set up for her to live in until she is better. I think she will be better off there in a big room with only one other cat to worry about keeping away from then in a tiny apartment with 7 others and in the hot bathroom. He is planning to take her right to the vet (even though I just did, that is a good sign he will be a good home) and I will show him how to give the amoxi drops and wormer.

Ok I just wanted to share her little story. I feel bad for the mother cat who I guess is still back at the lady's house that I got Skye from. She emailed me later and said "there was a $10 fee" and I emailed her and explained everything and that her house and the mother are covered in fleas and that she is probably sick too. then she said "oh the mother is for sale too". She also said that she gave Skye wormer from the grocery store yesterday. So I lectured her on that too...

yay I will post a picture of Skye when I get back home!
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I'm so glad you were able to help this little one. You have a such a large and tender heart.
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Here she is. Jus thought I would post a pic cuz she is so cute and cuddly. Shee that right eye? Her right eye, the left if you are looking at her. It is shut slightly compared to the other.
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She is such a little sweetheart. Surely she'll have no trouble in her new home after she gets better.
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she's already a beauty - she'll be gorgeous once she's well if you can, rescue the mama - she doesn't need to be there, either
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Originally Posted by laureen227
she's already a beauty - she'll be gorgeous once she's well if you can, rescue the mama - she doesn't need to be there, either
Maybe Skye's new owner would consider adding mom to the group Bless you for rescuing little Skye and putting her on the road to recovery!
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Ah, what a doll she will be once she is healthy. Let us know what you can do for the Mom, even if she goes to a shelter at least she will get vetted.
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She is lovely. Thanks for rescuing her.

Is there any chance you can rescue her mom too and then report this terrible person and get any other cats out of there?
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Oh how cute!!! Good job in taking care of her. Don't worry most everyone I know thinks I'm nuts for how much time I spend at the shelter, but for me once my eyes were opened to the truth there was no turning back.
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I have been in contact with the lady asking questions about the mother and I am going to post ads up. Siamese mixes that look mostly like Siamese will hopefully be rehomed fairly quickley. I don't think she has a computer at home though so she doesn't email me back very fast.
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Bless you for taking such good care of Skye! You have a heart of gold!
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She was an angel! the guy came to get her last weekend and said he was planning to take her right to the vet and said he would send me pictures and updates and everything. I was having doubts at first because he was saying things like eww siamese are so ugly I hope she doesn't look too much like one. So I emailed him the cutest pictures I could find of her and he loved her...so I am happy. He was making an appointment at the vet too to have her spayed, he doesn't believe in waiting until 6 months and wanted to do it as soon as her eye infection cleared up! That made me really happy. I have been so busy with Christmas that I forgot about the mother...The original owner never emailed me back so I don't know...I wil have to try again.
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