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Pill Treats!

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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share something exciting that I learned today! We have to medicate one of our cats who is insanely difficult to pill. Basically she doesn't like feeling restricted in any way and will instantly start to fight us if she feels like we're trying to do anything to her. She's also good at making "the cat face" and pushing the pill out immediatly. And we must be quite bad at getting it to the back of her mouth quick enough. Wraping it up in other tasty items wasn't working as nothing seemed to stick to the pill well enough to fool her.
We've been able to give her the medicine only about 1/3 of the time. The other 2/3'ds, the pill is quickly reduced to mushy mess, the cat is stressed out and drooling to get the taste of the pill out of her mouth and I'm covered in cat spit and claw marks. so our vet suggested these pill treats. They're very mushy, with a hollow center, so you can put the pill in and seal it up completely. They're also pretty dense though so there's no chance of the pill not being completely covered by treat.
You feed the cat an empty one first so they get excited about getting a treat and then you give them one with the pill in it and they just gobble it down!
Now obviously if your cat doesn't like treats, or doesn't like these particular treats, then they won't work. But fortunately our little girl loves treats and she loved these and she didn't even know she'd taken her bad tasting medicine! No stressed out pet, no stressed out owner! it was wonderful.
I just thought it was pretty amazing and thought I'd share as I'd never heard of these before!

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My vet gave me some to try once and my cats would'nt touch them. Why can't cats be easy like dogs? My poodle was so easy to pill. My cats fight me tooth and nail. The last time I tried to pill Muffin, she bit me 3 times.
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Giving medicine to a cat is the most difficult and frustrating thing I've ever tried to do in my life! My mom and I get the kitty wrapped in a blanket and more or less immobilized, I tickle the sides of the kitty's mouth to try to get it to open, and I use a plastic pill-giver to slip the pill as far back as I can... then I hold the kitty's mouth shut (oh, I hate doing that) and blow gently in his face and stroke his throat... and meanwhile, the kitty is squinching up his eyes and just VIBRATING with tension...and we talk to him soothingly and stroke his cheeks, and we keep this up for a good three minutes, watching ever so carefully for any sign of the pill coming back out... and when we're absolutely sure the pill has been swallowed, we release our hold on the kitty and tell him how goooood he is and offer him a bowl of water... and the kitty opens his eyes, looks around, spits out the pill, and strolls away.

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Pill Pockets worked well for my girl until one day she bit into the middle and discovered that I was hiding a pill inside. Ever since then she has refused to touch them & we had to go back to pilling the old-fashioned way. Sigh...

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My cat used to take his pill in them quite well, until he accidentally bit into the pill inside! Now, he won't touch them!
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