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Poor Little Taralen

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Wow that was scary! As with all of you we try and make sure all our plastic bags are put away so the cats cant hurt themselves. Well tonight I could here a rustle and suddenly Molly ran past us in the bedroom followed on her tail with Taralen she was so quick. We managed to see that Taralen had a plastic bag stuck around her neck. I quickly chased her and managed to get hold of her. I took the bag of her and she clung to me. I then handed her to Eva who noticed that she had wet herself. The poor baby. She was so scared. So we then had to quickly wash her and clean her up. As Eva is bedbound we had a bowl on the bed. So it was a little messy. She is now almost dry and licking herself, she has calmed down and has given us a cuddle..

It was so scary she could have really hurt herself. I make sure all the bags are put away. I must have missed one, so i blame myself. If I hadnt been around Eva would have been unable to help her.

We're just Happy that she is O.K. Our little Taralen is now off cleaning herself.

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I always cut the handles so they are loose and flapping. I had one cat scare herself quite badly by getting her head caught in a plastic bag. Never again!
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Close call! I'm really happy for you that you were able to catch it in time. Thanks for passing this on, I never really thought about it. Now I'll make sure there are no bags laying around!
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This happened with my George . I had to chase him down the hall and get him out from under the bed. He was terrified. To this day, he runs when he hears the rattle of a plastic bag. Glad Taralen is O.K.
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poor little taralen im glad to hear that nothing bad happened to her.
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& this is why i get so irritated with Java, who keeps getting into the cabinet where i keep them & dragging them out!
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I do use them. I finally bought one of those cheap fabric plastic bag holder thingys. The kind that you stuff the bags in and then pull them out from the bottom. The kitties cannot get in them that way.
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Poor baby! I am glad she is ok.
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Please don't blame yourself baby *cuddles* Accidents happen, and as much as we try and keep everything dangerous away from our animals sometimes they have a habbit of finding something. And you know what Taralen is like, always looking for adventure and exploring please don't blame yourself. Me and Taralen don't and we love you!

Taralen is doing fine now, and has just come for a lovely cuddle....I am just glad its all over and my baby girl is OK as its been a terrible evening for all of us and hopefully it will never happen again.

Love Eva x
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Persil got the bag from my waste bin round her neck once and scattered garbage down two flights of stairs in a panic until I was able to rescue her from it. Now I always cut the handles before using the bags and store them in a bag as suggested.
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I also always cut the plastic handles before I let them play with them..
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Originally Posted by captiva
I do use them. I finally bought one of those cheap fabric plastic bag holder thingys. The kind that you stuff the bags in and then pull them out from the bottom. The kitties cannot get in them that way.
I have one of those too. Fortunately my girls won't go near plastic bags if they can help it! I think I'm going to start cutting them now too! Just in case!
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Gosh I never realised how common this is! Pushy got one tangled round him one night, scattering screws and bolts all over the floor, which made more noise and scared him more. Poor boy peed himself too. He was so frightened, poor little guy.
Now we make sure all bags are away, you live and learn I suppose.
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That's happened to my cats before, usually while I'm putting groceries away. It scares the begeezes out of them, poor dears!
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