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Sleeves and Nismo

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Ok so since I moved into my new house with Sleeves we've done quite a few things, we've sniffed, played, had a few fights which scared mummy until she realised that we were playing and really enjoying ourselves, Sleeves has cleaned me a lot, I think he thinks he is my Mummy and the thing we like doing the most is cuddling. Here are some pics of us doing our stuff.
Love Nismo
P.s Im growing so fast, Mummy can hardly believe it!

me chilling out after Sleeves had chased me all over!

and resting on Daddy's back...

Sleeves is so snuggly I love cosying in to him

Well I'm tired now so I hope you like my pictures, I'll get Mummy to show you some more soon!
Nismo, Sleeves and Mummy
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Nismo, you are so cute!!!! Just like your big bro, Sleeves.
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they are so adorable together! i'm so happy for you that they're getting along so well!
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Oh me too, I was so worried but Sleeves adores her it is so cute to see and she feels the same about him she can't get enough of him. I had other pics on the camera (these pics are from my phone) where she is just lying all over him she has to have as much of her as possible touching him.
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cute pics..nothing like a content kitty face
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Awww, Lauren! It's so wonderful to see how well they are both getting along!!

Nismo is such a cutie as is Sleeves! I can't wait to see your other pictures!
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So cute the two of them together! Kittens are so much fun!
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they are so sweet!!!

Nismo your a doll and isn't it great having a big bruffer? Sleeves its very nice of you to treat your new little sister so well.
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They are adorable!
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Awwwww would you look at those snuggle buns!! It hasn't taken long has it!

I laughed at the one of Sleeves watching over Nismo eating as if he was making sure she ate up all her dinner
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Great pics! I love that name, "Sleeves". How did you end up naming him/her that?
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Originally Posted by Tyler502
Great pics! I love that name, "Sleeves". How did you end up naming him/her that?
haha most people laugh at his name It used to be the name of a record shop near my boyfriends parents house and for about a year I thought it would be a cute name for a dog (didnt used to be a cat person...) and I never forgot it, I used to call everything Sleeves and then we got a kitten and there was no way we could call it anything else! so there you have it! pretty stupid but if we had called him anything else I still would have referred to him as Sleeves
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aww what pretty and sweet babies!
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